lee coren

Even after all these years of daily visits to Etsy, I still love the thrill of discovering a new (to me) shop!

A few days ago I came across Lee Coren and fell for all of her dreamy creations.

lee coren

You can visit her Etsy shop here and website here.

three things: home decor

It looks like we may have found a darling new home. There are still a few final steps before it’s all settled, but I’m excited about it and can’t help to thinking about decorating.

We want to switch out some of our modern loft pieces for mid-century modern ones. I really like these:

three things

Recliner, Faceted Mirror & Mid-Century Bed

recent instagrams

recent instagrams

sounds & cinema

A few weeks ago, we joined some friends (and most of Austin) at Sound & Cinema. Sound & Cinema is such a neat event. Sponsored by the amazing Alamo Drafthouse, it’s a pairing of movie and music under the summertime Texas stars.

We saw Raiders of the Lost Ark. It’s such a lovely thing to share some laughs with friends as the city lights grow ever brighter, the sunsets, and then the familiar soundtrack announces the start of the film.
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stress knitting

Last weekend I was feeling a little overwhelmed by all that needed to be done and I realized that I needed a little knitting project for my sanity.

I whipped up this quick-knit, turban-style baby hat for the future niece. It was the perfect little break!

stress knitting 1
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life lately & links for weekend reading

Well friends, it’s been a crazy week. The list is rather long: lots of work projects to work on, my second to last semester of grad school is just around the corner, Joel’s 30th birthday is coming up and it’s going to be a wonderful celebration (there’s a boat involved!), family and friends are coming to visit, we will be traveling at the end of September and the beginning of October, and on top of all of that we just found out that our landlord maybe selling our (amazing) loft which means I’ve been a part-time real-estate agent looking for a new home for us.

Whew! No surprise then that I have what feels like 1 million tabs and browser windows open. I’ve been saving up a bunch of things from my blog reader to go back and read this weekend. I’m looking forward to a quiet cup of coffee and reading through the stories and posts below.

weekend reads

A New Knitting Magazine, Strawberry Dessert Recipe, Matisse: Animal Lover, Know Thy Makers, Turning A Rental Into A Home, and Shibori Dyeing

work in progress: baby quilt

I have nearly finished the quilt for my future niece. I had a minor moment of worry that it looked a little too “baby boy”, but then I realized a few things: 1) I love this quilt and a lot of love went into it, 2) I don’t buy into pink for girls and blue for boys, and 3) it has a cool rainy day sort of vibe that is perfect for any Portland baby.

I played with the idea of doing the binding in a launder, but after experimenting with different fabric I think I’m going to stick with one of the three fabrics I already used. Probably the black and white.

quilt progress

Since my last post I have sewn all of blocks, attached the blocks in rows, and then attached the rows to each other, gave all the seams a good press, cut out the batting, pinned the three layers (front, batting, backing) together, and finished all the hand-quilting. the only thing left is the binding.

My plan is to get some downloadable pattern pieces and more step-by-step directions posted this weekend. Just in case anyone else is need of a super easy baby quilt. I really do love this one!