four things: mugs and cookies

I always fall for a pretty mug. Pair them with cookies and you have perfection!

Mug // Recipe

Recipe // Mug

If you’re looking for a good read to go along with your coffee or tea break may I recommend light and airy Summer at Tiffany or for something darker The Mastermind.

her, here

A post series that pairs portraits and places.

Bette Davis and B & W Powder Room

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four things

As spring turns quickly into summer here in central Texas, I find myself thinking about adding plants and flowers to my usual mix. I’m trying to decide what kind of citrus tree to get for our porch/outdoor dinning room.

This is what I would take on a trip to Tillery Street Plant Co. today:

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PS. Agent Nateur was the first natural deodorant I tried when I decide to make the switch. I was instantly hooked. It has a delicate scent, lovely packaging, and best of all it, does its job! I can’t say enough good things about it.

her, here

A post series that pairs portraits and places.

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Chipper Things

The excellent illustrator, short gal, and my fellow Austin-dweller, Becky Simpson, has just launched an adorable online store called Chipper Things!

Chipper things has lots of personality and stationary goods. Two things I love! It all came about from her year-long residency with Adobe, which is very cool! In her own words, “My hope is that Chipper Things becomes known for its clever, colorful and playful art and sentiments. I have big dreams for it and I hope the momentum from the launch is only the beginning.” 

I picked out things that share a very monochromatic vibe, because that’s what I do. You can find lots more chuckles and colors over at Chipper Things.

four things for spring

April is here and it’s going to be the busiest month of 2016 so far for us. Lots of weddings, lots of festivals, lots of travel and fun!

I’ve been thinking through my summer uniform and I think I’ve landed on airy, white blouses and jeans. I just got my first pair of Swedish Hasbeens and I plan to live in those this summer. They’re so comfy!  These are a few things I am eyeing today:

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You can find more of things inspiring my summer wardrobe over here.  Making this moodboard has helped me to really think about the pieces I want to add, what to get ride of, and what to keep. I feel so organized!

a thing I’ve noticed lately

I’m not sure when it was exactly that I stopped reading blogs. It might have been around the time that I was feeling really overwhelmed by my final semester of grad school, but maybe it was earlier. Maybe that thing that so many articles talk about (attention spans decreasing with the constant use of digital technology) has happened to me. Certainly it must have happened around the same time that the gaps between my own posts got longer and longer.

Last week I realized that I have a stack of 6 or 7 books that I am currently reading. I never did this before. Before a few months ago, I almost never had more than one book going at a time. I wonder if I am allowing myself to be too easily distracted. The allure of seeing what other news articles have shown up in my news app before I finish reading this long New York Times or The Atlantic piece can prove too great sometimes.

While I stopped reading blogs, I kept using Pinterest and Instagram. It’s so much more simple to digest a photo and maybe give a click of appreciation than to read to the end of a story, antidote or article. I want to adjust how much of my time I spend looking for the next thing and try to focus on finishing what I begin. We’ll see how it goes!