recent adventures, pt. 3

The last installment of catch-up posts from Harry and Riina’s visit. It was so fun to have them in town!

Reimers Ranch Park
We weren’t able to get into Hamilton Pool, but a mini-hike around Reimers Ranch was nice. I forgot my camera and just had my iPhone on me. I think that means we’ll need to go back soon.

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recent adventures, pt. 2

Adventures on the East Side during Harry and Riina’s visit: Franklin BBQ, the swing bridge, and Tillery Street Plant Co. & East Side Succulents.

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recent adventures, pt. 1

Back in the beginning of July, before we went to St. Louis for a work trip, we had a wonderful visit from friends in the UK, Harry and Riina. Showing people around Austin is one of my favorite things to do and we stayed busy!

I blog, partially, as a reminder to myself of my adventures. Please forgive the deluge of posts that are coming. I anticipate few words and tons of photos!

The first few days of our friends’ visit, we wandered around South Congress and the Capitol and I did not take my camera so I just a few iPhone photos from those days.


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three things: new books

We are spoiled for local shops here in Austin. Book People is one of those places that is just impossible to leave without a stack of wonderful, new things.

I don’t usually go in looking for any particular book, but still find things I just need. We went twice while the Brits where in town. These are the three books that came home with me on the second excursion.

three books 1

three books 2

three books 3

One book of essays and one novella, because I’m a sucker for anything by ol’ F. Scott.
I can’t wait to finish the book I’m reading right now so I can start Daniel Fights a Hurricane, by Shane Jones. Shane Jones wrote Light Boxes (you can read of my gushing love for that book here) and I didn’t realize he had written anything since. I pounced on this new book from him and plan to read it on the plane for St. Louis. Oh yes, the craziness that is July continues tomorrow with a work trip to St. Louis.

reading & writing, pt. 6

At the end of each month I try write a short recap of the books I’ve read.

Well, between visitors and that little event called the World Cup my reading was pitiful last month. I really only read one book and it wasn’t even the whole book, just the introduction.

Erec by Hartmann Von Aue
Translated, with an introduction and commentary, by Michael Resler

Years ago, I had an amazing professor named Dr. Hart. She taught English and Irish literature and believed in giving away her books. The semester she retired she opened up her office library and invited her students to come take whatever we wanted. I adopted a large Medieval literature textbook, a collection of Swift’s poems, and Erec.

Erec is the German telling of an arthurian knight’s adventure.  I read the story part a few years ago, but skipped the introduction. Somehow the only thing I read last month was this introduction and commentary. It takes up about a third of the book and was very interesting.

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a round up of pretty things

It’s been a happy, busy week or so: World Cup watching, 4th of July celebrating, and good friends visiting from the UK. More on those adventures soon!

nine things

Blueberry Crisp, Golden Dots, Colorful Clouds, Checkered Coat, Forest Home, Carryall, Mountains, Swan Sketch & Shoe Closet

three things: summer odds & ends

four things