happy valentine’s day!

Wishing you a day of sunshine and sweets and maybe flowers and puppy kisses, too!


four things

A few things catching my eye this week:

four things

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around here lately

My last semester of grad school started last week. The week before was a sunny blur of treats and reading for fun. Now it’s time to get down to the exciting work of my thesis projects!

Last week I drafted a quick hoodie pattern and for the first time pattern-making felt easy. I really like making patterns, but that hasn’t meant that making them came naturally to me. Now all of a sudden it feels like all the motions of pattern-making have finally clicked into place in my brain and I just “get it” now. Such a great feeling!

kitchen staple: simple pesto

Another kitchen staple that I always make from scratch is pesto. Making it is really just a matter of tossing everything into a food processor and letting it do its work. It wouldn’t be more easy!

making pesto
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three things: favorite recipes

I’ve been trying out a lot of new-to-me vegetarian recipes lately. These are three favorites:

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a few knits

Some cozy outfit inspiration. Those mitts are adorable!

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pecan harvest

We have a beautiful pecan tree in our back yard. A few months ago it started showering us with whole lot of nuts. I kept a container near the back door and would go out and pick up pecans daily. I picked them up by the dozen. We ended up with so very many nuts.

So harvesting was easy. Walk outside and pick up nuts. But then I ended up with probably 3-5 pounds of pecans and needed to open them.

pecan 1
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