waiting for christmas

What a wonderful feeling! The semester is over, all of the gifts are wrapped and now it’s time to bake cookies, sit around the tree watching White Christmas, and wait for Christmas.

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Around the Tree

This past week we had some chilly, rainy days. Perfect excuses for sitting around the tree, working, and listening to choral music, right? I thing so. I hope your days are Merry and Bright between now and Christmas Day!

Christmas tree

under the Christmas tree

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nine years

Happy Anniversary, Joel!

For all the laughs, the adventures, the delicious meals, the movies, the record shopping afternoons, for being the best of friends, thank you.

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three things: to bake

Pepper Cookies //  Olive Oil Citrus Cake // Gingerbread Mittens

midwinter things


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three gifts

I think for most of us, the point of buying Christmas gifts is to bring cheer, happiness, etc. to our friends and family. Unfortunately, our efforts can so easily turn into a frantic panic. Or at least I know mine can.

This year I started thinking through who I buy for and what might be enjoyable for them. In the end I decided to go with a few rules.




For family members I decided to do three gifts for each: Something to Wear, Something to Read, and Something just for Fun. Giving myself these perimeters was actually a lot of fun. I enjoyed picking just the right thing for each person, finished my shopping in record time, and kept to my budget. Most of all though, I’m excited about each thing I choose instead of buying just to have something to give.

Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping your Christmas preparations peacefully?

O, Christmas Tree

On Saturday, we had our annual Christmas adventure of tying a tree to our little Fiat and then driving it though downtown to get it home. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking on the way back. It did arrive safely and is filling our living room with its lovely scent.