kitchen staple: simple pesto

Another kitchen staple that I always make from scratch is pesto. Making it is really just a matter of tossing everything into a food processor and letting it do its work. It wouldn’t be more easy!

making pesto
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three things: favorite recipes

I’ve been trying out a lot of new-to-me vegetarian recipes lately. These are three favorites:

One // Two // Three

a few knits

Some cozy outfit inspiration. Those mitts are adorable!

One // Two // Three

pecan harvest

We have a beautiful pecan tree in our back yard. A few months ago it started showering us with whole lot of nuts. I kept a container near the back door and would go out and pick up pecans daily. I picked them up by the dozen. We ended up with so very many nuts.

So harvesting was easy. Walk outside and pick up nuts. But then I ended up with probably 3-5 pounds of pecans and needed to open them.

pecan 1
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kitchen staple: vegetable stock

There are a several kitchen staples that I prefer to make rather than buy. I have a few reasons for this: I know exactly wants goes into something when I make, it can often be cheaper, but most of all, it’s the tastier way to do things.

One of my favorite things to make is vegetable stock. This comes in so handy during the winter months and it’s a good way to use up parts of vegetables you would normally throw out, like carrot tops. You can also improvise it with whatever you have on hand.
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recipe: peanut butter cookies

The cookies are good, but I wish they were a bit more peanut buttery. I may play with the recipe next time.

I put one or two in the oven for just a few minutes to warm and they come out soft and perfect.

peanut butter cookie
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three things

One // Two // Three