work in progress: baby quilt

I have nearly finished the quilt for my future niece. I had a minor moment of worry that it looked a little too “baby boy”, but then I realized a few things: 1) I love this quilt and a lot of love went into it, 2) I don’t buy into pink for girls and blue for boys, and 3) it has a cool rainy day sort of vibe that is perfect for any Portland baby.

I played with the idea of doing the binding in a launder, but after experimenting with different fabric I think I’m going to stick with one of the three fabrics I already used. Probably the black and white.

quilt progress

Since my last post I have sewn all of blocks, attached the blocks in rows, and then attached the rows to each other, gave all the seams a good press, cut out the batting, pinned the three layers (front, batting, backing) together, and finished all the hand-quilting. the only thing left is the binding.

My plan is to get some downloadable pattern pieces and more step-by-step directions posted this weekend. Just in case anyone else is need of a super easy baby quilt. I really do love this one!

recent pins

We used to think summer was our slow season, but that hasn’t been true this year. We’ve been working extra hard to get all the projects done. I took a little break this morning for coffee and to look at some pretty things.

Today, I really like white walls, plant life, and nice uses for white and black.

nine things

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight & Nine

recently in instagrams

It’s been a busy, hectic, slightly stressful few weeks. Looking over my Instagram feed it looks like all I’ve been doing is eating, but really that’s just usually when I have time for iPhone photography.

recent instagrams

reading & writing, pt. 7

July was a slightly better month for reading.

The Incredulity of Father Brown by G.K. Chesterton
I grew up reading mysteries, first Nancy Drew and then Agatha Christie. I think there were a few others sprinkled in there, but once I discovered British mystery stories (the kind that take place in old country houses and in which you always suspect the poor butler) I was truly hooked.

This is the only Father Brown mystery I have read and I enjoyed the way that this detective works. I couldn’t always guess “who done it” as I was reading, but also didn’t feel hoodwinked when the mystery was reveled. That can be a difficult thing to balance. I’m not sure if the usual format of the books is like this one. In this book each chapter is a different mystery. I enjoyed it while reading, but by the time I finished I was ready for a larger story to get lost in. Good thing I picked up…

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold by John Le Carré
This is the first John Le CarrĂ© book I’ve ready and I am officially a fan. I want to read all of the others.
The plot is thrilling, but not overly complex. It’s hard to discuss without giving too much away or getting into the politics of British espionage.

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three things

A few things for the man on the go…

three things

Cary Grant in North by Northwest, Silver Fish Pen Knife & Travel Set

saturday things

We’ve been working pretty hard on Bravery projects nonstop this week, but sometimes you just need a lazy Saturday morning and some just-for-fun projects.

The first thing I made today was this blueberry crumb cake and it is so good!

blueberry crumb cake

Joel’s sister and brother-in-law are expecting their first child (a girl) later this year so I’ve started on a baby quilt. So far I’ve created the pattern, cut the fabric, and pinned all the “squares” together.

baby quilt 1
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etsy finds: turning autumnal

My recent Etsy favorites seem to be getting ahead of the calendar. Maybe it’s because I’m looking forward to the semester starting and to autumn birthday celebrations.

etsy finds

Birthday Card, September Sign, Lace Necklace, Fox Totem & Serving Platter