slowly catching up

It has been incredibly busy around here lately.

Here’s the laundry list: Joel’s 30th birthday party was a huge success, we had so much fun visiting with his family while they were out here, we drove from Austin to Louisville to Cincinnati and back to Austin, and then we moved the day after we got back.

I’ve got tons of photos to post but for now I’m still emptying boxes and setting up the new place. Maybe it’s because I’m in the setting-up phase for this new home, but these nicely ordered photos caught my eye today:


These Envelopes & This Wall

etsy finds for a grey day

I don’t mind grey days. They make for some of the coziest I think.


Poster, Clutch & Thank You Note


Manalive, it’s been busy around here!

It’s been a nice weekend. I’m feeling on top of my long to-do lists today: Joel’s 30th birthday is pretty much planned and our move and upcoming trips are shaping up nicely. It’s also been more fall-like here the past few days, which has made me start plotting some knitting and quilting projects.

This is a little roundup of things I’ve pinned lately. The cable scarf needs to be my next knitting project I think.
pretty things

Coconut & Chocolate Pots de Creme, Emma, Cable Scarf, An Airy Kitchen & Cornwall, England


My semester starts tomorrow and I made myself a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for lunch today. I guess you could say I’m simply ready for my last school year ever to begin.
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lee coren

Even after all these years of daily visits to Etsy, I still love the thrill of discovering a new (to me) shop!

A few days ago I came across Lee Coren and fell for all of her dreamy creations.

lee coren

You can visit her Etsy shop here and website here.

three things: home decor

It looks like we may have found a darling new home. There are still a few final steps before it’s all settled, but I’m excited about it and can’t help to thinking about decorating.

We want to switch out some of our modern loft pieces for mid-century modern ones. I really like these:

three things

Recliner, Faceted Mirror & Mid-Century Bed

recent instagrams

recent instagrams