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It’s been very quiet on this ol’ blog lately. That’s because I am in the thick of final portfolio prepping and working through my last three classes all at the same time. Fingers crossed, this time next month I’ll be a brand new MFA graduate!

On a mushy note, I am so grateful for the friends and family members who have sent me the occasional “keep up the good work/you can do it” text. I don’t think they realize how much those few words can lift a worn out graduate student’s spirits! You’re all the very best!!

I gave myself a few minutes to look through the paper (I always feel so grown-up doing that) and catch up on a few blogs this morning. These are the things that caught my eye:

Uniform Dressing  //  The Perfect Bedside Manner

Wrapping Flowers  //  Leather Lounger

wisteria everywhere

This is our first spring in our new home and we’ve been surprised by an invasion of wisteria. It’s so lovely, draping over every inch of fence and tree limb, and filling the yard with a delicate perfume.

The last photo is my view from the kitchen. I like how it looks like the wisteria wants to move in with us!


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four things: home office

When it comes to workspaces, I am more of a white walls and few distractions sort of person. But for some reason this warm, dual-color work nook looks so appealing today.

One // Two

Three // Four

tiffany’s bridal shower

A few weeks ago, I helped host a bridal shower for my good friend Tiffany. The decor and food all came togather perfectly and it was a lovely morning celebrating her upcoming wedding.

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four things: for outdoor living

Spring is officially here and we’ve started working on our backyard. When we moved in it was definitely in the “this has potential” stage. We have cleared out all the rambling vines (I still don’t know what they are!), leftover piles of leaves, and other odds and ends that didn’t really need to be living in our backyard.

Now it’s on to the fun part of planning a small vegetable patch, picking flowers, thinking about a fire pit and seating. Can’t wait to have it fixed up and have a great space for having friends over or drinking coffee and reading the paper.

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WWI “Tommy” Inspired Collection

I can’t believe how fast this semester is going!

Today, I thought I’d finally post this project I wrapped up a few weeks ago. The inspiration began with an exploration of British WWI “Tommy” uniforms. Then I moved on to looking at civilian wear and volunteer uniforms. The interesting elements that came from this further design research where the armband and tie-look-a-like placket details.

I feel like my methods and style have (almost magically) solidified this semester. I’m better able to think through garment design and incorporate my inspiration. I’m not sure why, but things are just “clicking”.
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four things: interiors

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