interview: bliss in a teacup

Today’s interview is from the lovely husband and wife team, Bliss In A Teacup.  Their shop is full the most perfect-for-fall lovelies for your you and your home.

Richard and Becka & Becka and kitty Ursula

Richard and Becka & Becka and kitty Ursula

Q. Could you tell us a little about yourselves? 
I (Becka) am a New Zealander living in Vancouver, with my Canadian husband Richard. We have 2 lovely grey cats, lots of art supplies and a growing vintage quilt collection. Richard is a cabinet maker, printer and collage artist who is now going to school studying Sociology and Fine Art, and I am trained as a primary (elementary) school teacher but am currently working as a doula and nanny a couple times a week. We’re really lucky to be able to work together on something we love! 

Q. When did you begin making things? 
Well, I guess we’ve both always been makers of some sort. We both grew up with a love of art, Richard being a talent drawer, printer and collage artist, and I was lucky enough to grow up in a family of knitters, sewers, quilters and artists. I have really vivid memories of my great-grandfather, who was a painter, talking to me about colour and form. We both consider ourselves really lucky to have been given the freedom to be creative. As for Bliss in a Teacup, that officially last year with a local craft fair. I’d been selling knitted items at a local boutique, but had lots of other ideas that I wanted to try out and luckily had a husband there to help me out!

such a lovely group!

such a pretty group!

Q. Your shop is so lovely! What is your creative process like? Do you usually work together on projects?

Thank you! I would actually say that pretty much every item is worked on by the both of us in one way or another. We’re really lucky in that we have quite complimentary skills and really similar aesthetics. We both thrift a lot, or look for old furniture in alleyways, and so we’re constantly trying to figure out what to do with all our finds. The majority of our furniture is found and refinished, and this seems to overflow into our crafting. We find objects that look interesting to us, be it fabric, an old piece of veneer with an interesting woodgrain, a stack of embroidery hoops or an old map, and try to re-interpret it in a new way that is both beautiful and functional. We both love the idea that we can give new life to something that some may see as junk. 

Q. What’s a normal day in your life like? 
Hmm, Richard actually works a night shift while doing school via correspondence, and me working as a doula can mean attending births at all hours, so sleeping in often features highly in our schedule! We’ve recently decided to have one day a week as a ‘making day’, where we cut out the wood for chalkboards/hoops/clocks (Richard does this all by hand, no power tools!), paint, glue veneer, sew and just generally make up stock. This has helped so much as we get to totally focus on that, and not feel guilty on other days when we have school work or client meetings to attend to. When we’re not doing that, we’re often checking out thrift stores or second hand book or furniture stores which are a constant source of inspiration (and therefore it counts as ‘work’, ha!). Us both being big news and political junkies, most days also usually include watching Democracy Now!, and of course lots of tea drinking, baking and library movie watching. 

clock and chalkboard embroidery hoops

clock & chalkboard embroidery hoops

Q. What inspires you most of all? 
Oh goodness, lots! Old things in general. Old stationary, Modern design and the juxtaposition of both function and beauty (capital M Modern), the creativity of others, the beauty found in our colourful neighbourhood, folk music (our apartment is full of old-timey instruments), Scandinavian folk art, and I could go on and on. I think that the internet has made it easy for us to become immersed in the art, craft and DIY community, which at times can definitely be overwhelming but is ultimately inspiring. Knowing that you’re a part of this huge collective of people embracing their own creativity is hard to not be inspired by!

The Giveaway: a beautiful bookmark of the winner’s choice and a super cool set of Paris map magnets!

two of my favorite bookmarks

two of my favorite bookmarks

To enter simply visit Richard and Becka’s lovely shop and leave a comment about your favorite item.

The giveaway will be open until October 8th. Good luck!

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  1. woow you always seem to find the most amazing artists/shops out there!!
    i loove this shop! and it includes 2 of my weak points.. vintage illustrations and chalkboard paint! I would soo go with the Wood bookmark: Gluepot

    (secretly hope I win this, its my sister/best friends birthday on the 8th and she also looves delicate illustrations and I would reaally like to surprise her with these)

  2. The ‘gluepot’ bookmark is my favourite- I read a lot and I always need more bookmarks 🙂 And it’s always nice to see a change from the paper bookmarks.

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