interview: feather children

As soon as I saw the beautiful Etsy shop, Feather Children I knew there must be a super talented lady (her name is Tansie) running the show! I sent Tansie a little note and I was thrilled when she wrote back. And now I’m so happy to share some of her lovely work with you!

Q. Could you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Tansie, it’s not short for anything! My mum calls me a hippsy (hippy gypsy). I travel around a lot and love the freedom to move on when ever I feel the time is right. I was brought up in a small town on the ocean in Western Australia and love every bit of time I can spend in the water. I love making magical things, going on adventures and cooking lentil spaghetti.

Q. How did Feather Children get started?
It all got started when I was spending a lot of time in a house in a forest by the sea, my boyfriend was recording an album down there so I was there a lot in pretty much the middle of nowhere and I would go walking through the forest for hours at a time and collect feathers and I just started to put together these head pieces for my self while sitting on a couch over looking the ocean and being inspired by the music that was being created around me. I started wearing them out and people always asked where I got them so I just started making them for other people then stocking them in a store in Perth, and now I’ve moved onto to the online store.

Q. Your shop is so beautiful! What is your creative process like?
It all starts with the feathers, I choose some then look at the colours, get some beads sit down and just start beading the band, I never really plan or design them first I usually have a vague idea in my head then they just evolve.

Q. What’s a normal day in your life like?
Wake up, make fresh juice, surf if it is any good, work at a bakery for a few hours, sit in the backyard in the sun, work on designs, watch always sunny in Philadelphia, go for a bicycle ride on my beautiful bike Nadia, make music with friends then try to sleep!

Q. What inspires you most of all?
I am really inspired by the idea of wild freedom. I have spent a lot of my life camping in really isolated spots just being surrounded by nature and when you are away from civilization you just roam free, skinny dipping at midnight, running through the forest pretending to be peter pan! I think that’s what I love most about wearing my headpieces, as soon as I put one on, even if I’m surrounded by people, I feel wild and free, it transports me from being at a party in the city to being out in the wild and dancing around a fire and I think that’s a kind of magic.

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