pretty things: the halloween party

With October winding down I thought this week’s pretty things should be a sparkly and spooky celebration for Halloween! Here are my favorite October party ideas:

I really want to make these pumpkin candle holders, but I think I would use real pumpkins. So pretty!

pumpkin candle holders

pumpkin candle holders

You could maybe even keep them around for Thanksgiving!

Fang Glow in the Dark Cake Bunting

Fang Glow in the Dark Cake Bunting by House of Clouds

orange and black licorice

orange and black licorice paper pom poms by My Silly Bear

Wickedly beautiful candied apples (via Matt Bites)

spooky apples

click photo for recipe

I can’t remember how this started, but one of our Halloween traditions is making tequila shrimp nachos. They’re so good and easy for friends dropping by or for munching between small ghosts and witches ringing the doorbell for candy.

Shirmp Nachos

photo by Tom Wegner Photography

Shrimp Nachos
tortilla chips
cheddar cheese (shredded)
garlic (chopped)
cilantro (lightly chopped)
small raw shrimp
salt & pepper


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Layer tortilla chips on a cookie sheet or baking pan and cover with the shredded cheddar. Bake the chips for 2 to 3 minutes, or until the cheeses are melted. Remove the dish from the oven and set aside.

Melt a few pats of butter in a large saute pan and saute the garlic until soft. Add the shrimp, a few pinches of cilantro, and a splash or two of tequila. Season with salt and pepper. Saute until the shrimp have been cooked all the way through.

Remove the shrimp mixture from the heat and pour over the tortilla chips. Add more cheddar, a squeeze or two of lime and enjoy!

I’d really like to try my hand at these apple & cheddar oatmeal cookies and these caramelized onion & sweet potato tarts!

Sweets: a spooky candy village, marshmallow ghosts, black rock candy, and candy corn of course!

halloween treats

Decedent hot chocolates

yummy hot chocolate

click photo for credit

The Classic

The Spooky

Sleepy Hallow

I hope you have a lovely Halloween!

Mantle Asylum

photo by boopsie.daisy

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