three pretty things to make

Hi, hello there! I’m not sure where the last week went. I had a little time today to catch my breath, tidy the house, and think about fall projects.

Every so often another lovely blogger posts a paper mache and gold leaf bowl how-to. And I always think, “I need to try that!” This one by Kelli Murray might be just the one to get me to make a few for myself. I do have a hunch that they might be addicting. Golden, paper bowls for all!

This is one amazing mural DIY. I’m a bit in awe. Nice work, Mini Penny!

This oldie but goodie is by Elsie at A Beautiful Mess and I think it’s just perfect for fall. Trail mix and gingham? I’m in!

For now I’m back to finishing up my little fall line. I think it’s going to be lovely, even though it got delayed.

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