rice bag how-to

I was first introduced to rice bags by Joel’s mom who has made ever-so many of these wonderful things for keeping warm on a chilly winter day. A rice bag is made of a fabric lining, filled with rice, and then heated in the microwave. The result is something a bit cozier than a hot water bottle.

When we moved to Austin I tossed Joel’s college rice bag. It had seen much better days and we don’t get much of a winter here in central Texas. Except that this year it has been extra cold and rainy and Joel has been asking for a replacement rice bag for months. I finally got my act together and made this:

rice bag 2

For this rice bag, I used an old flannel shirt of Joel’s. I cut off the sleeves and used only the back portion (but not the yolk) of the shirt. This gave me a nice, nearly square piece of fabric.

rice bag 1

Step 1. Iron your fabric.

Step 2. With wrong right sides together, fold your fabric in half so that you have a fold and three open sides.

Step 3. Stitch up the sides. I used french seams because I like the look.

Step 4. Turn your fabric right side out and press.

Step 5. Divide your fabric into three equal portions and stitch. You can see what I mean in the first photo.

Step 6. Fill with rice and pin closed the last open seam.

Step 7. Hand-stitch your last seam.

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