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quilt inspiration

I have been collection quilt inspiration in this Pinterest board. There are so many great images of modern quilts these days!

I really like the idea of taking a heritage art (I remember watching my grandma, great aunt, and great-grandmother all busily working quilt frames filled brightly colored squares) with abstract, modernist principles.

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summer outfit planning

I always have a hard time dressing for summer. I’m not sure why, but dressing in layers feels more like an outfit than a tee and jeans to me.

So each year when the temperatures start getting closer to the 100s, I always start rethinking my summer clothes. This year I have also been reading a lot of articles about uniform dressing. (I recommend this article.) I like the idea of having a set uniform. I think I might try to go with something like this for summer:


Navy Dress // Scarf // Sandals // Light Dress

Sleeveless dress in durable, breathable cottons with a scarf (or other accessory) and sandals. Adding a cardigan would make them good transitional pieces too. What do you think?

three things: greenery

I’ve been slowly working on our little garden. Mostly it has been a lot of prep work like clearing out weeds and tiny trees that have planted themselves in unwanted places. It already looks so much better with just a little attention.

I’ve also been doing a lot of  research on what plants would be best to add. I want to get a few roses and maybe a few irises to plant in the fall. I’m still learning what plants are best here in central Texas.

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thumbprint cookies

Memorial Day in Austin was a rainy and stormy one, as you might have heard. Thankfully for us our side of town had no flooding and the lakes are filling up. Lakes filling up is A good thing after years of droughts.

Of course it’s not good for our south-western neighbors who have an unwelcome amount of water on their land or in their homes. If you feel like helping you can donate here.

We spent the day inside watching Mad Men reruns. After seeing a plate of cookies in one of the episodes I started looking for cookie recipes from the 1950-1960s and ended up making a feast of thumbprint cookies. They might be my new favorite thing!

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renegade craft fair

It’s that time of the year again, friends! Renegade Craft Fair is back in town this weekend!

I am very happy that they’ve moved the fair to the east side of town. Make sure you stop by and check out the new venue and all the fun!

Renegade Craft Fair

For more details click here.

spring cleaning

One of the good things about living in a small house is that it forces you to edit your things on a regular basis. I personally love going through my things smiling at stuff that carry memories and sending other things on their way.

To that point, I’m getting ready to part with old issues of ReadyMade magazine (remember that ol’ thing!?) and a few other odds and ends. You can check out my online yard sale over here.