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a working weekend

It’s been a weekend with a very long to-do list and many things got checked off. The apartment has been cleaned, laundry has been done, meals made and eaten, and ever-so much homework tackled and turned in. I suppose that is one of the things about setting your own schedule, if you let yourself, you can be always working. Joel and I do a pretty good job balancing the work and giving ourselves time to live during the day too, but sometimes you just need to get things done.

So before the weekend is over, here are some cheerful pinks, reds, and subtle neutrals. Think of it as a nod to afternoon sunshine and delicate ice creams.

neutrals, pink, red

Row 1: One, Two, Three
Row 2: One, Two, Three

And one more lovely thing to close the weekend: Wit & Delight’s Visual Journal.


Today has been a day of wonderful good news. Joel was accepted to an MA program in media studies at The New School and we are crazy excited! This happy photo is exactly how I feel! I love all the colors and that cute little pug!

amazing photo from chotda

amazing photo from chotda

I’ve had an avalanche of Etsy orders which has kept me super busy and away from blogging quite as much as I would like. ┬áBut don’t worry I have lots of fun things planned!