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Gift Guide No. 4

three things: stay cozy

There’s something kind of wonderful about the combination of a tweed blazer with a houndstooth scarf, don’t you think?

three things

Sources: One, Two & Three

three things: for a coffee break

around here lately

Nothing feels quite as nice as coming home to a place you love after a long trip. It’s wonderful to be bak in Austin and back in our loft. I’ve been enjoying all the homey comforts so much this week. Hanging out with Cors, getting coffee at our local coffee place, and meals of granola and berries.



Our good friend, Audra, is visiting this week and it’s so fun to get to show her our favorite spots.

weekly loves: three lovely things to start the week

This week’s loves are here to get December started on a pretty, lovely, and adorable note. Enjoy!

1) A beautiful clay ornament how-to by Kelli Murray over on A Beautiful Mess. I want to make a bunch for present toppers.

2) A pretty Christmas playlist from Kinfolk Magazine in case you need some tunes to play while decorating the tree or wrapping gifts.

3) This magic mug is pretty much how I feel most mornings. Isn’t it cute?

blankets and quilts, oh my

I know it’s way too hot and I’m probably crazy, but my bookmarks are filling up with photos of quilts and blankets in beautiful piles. I really want to find an old camp chair like this one and stack up the cozy things in preparation for that one and only cold day that Austin gets each year. I know, the girl is crazy.

bright blankets

1: Southwestern  2: Zoza Blanket  3: A Few Blue Rugs  4: Kantha Quilts

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wednesday loves: cozy things

Snow, rain, snow, ice, and more snow. That’s what things have looked like around here for the past week. I like winter weather and the way it makes hibernating indoors with warm blankets, comfort food, and good books extra appealing.

Wow, this post is starting to sound very lazy. But I don’t mind admitting, that if I could sneak an extra day off into this week, I would spend it tucked up reading and eating cake.

1. Bedspread  2. Blankets from Toast  3. The Great Gatsby  4. Lace Cupcakes
5. Slippers by Toast & 6. Bedroom via Design*Sponge