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interview: the merriweather council

I have another snow day today, which means I get to stay home cozied up with a blanket stealing puppy and a cup of coffee! But most exciting of all, I get to share a brand new handmade interview with you today! Danielle has graciously made some time to tell us about her shop, The Merriweather Council. Enjoy!

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interview: kirby

I have lots of reasons to be happy today: I just finished up a huge-o, never ending project at work, tomorrow is soup day which means tonight I’ll be in the kitchen making the first batch of potato & leek soup of the season, and most importantly of all, I get to share one of my very first Etsy favorites with you!

Two years ago (or so) when I first discovered Etsy, I came across Kirby. It was love at first Jane Austen portrait sighting!

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interview: thief & bandit

I’m always being inspired by people in the handmade, Etsy, DIY communities. I had another wave of “this is so cool!” as I read the answers that Amie, from theif & bandit, put together for today’s interview. Her work is gorgeous!


Amie and some of her fab fabric creations

Q. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Amie Cunningham and I live in Richmond VA with my husband Johnston, my eight month old baby Wolfgang, and my shepherd mutt, Leroy. I was born in British Columbia and raised throughout Canada living in nearly every province. I moved to NYC in 2002 to study art at Parsons School of Design where I met my husband, Johnston and the most amazing friends! We then moved back up to Canada to chill from big city life and make art. Richmond came calling when we both had opportunities to teach sculpture at VCU. It’s a great city, we love it here!

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interview: robbiemoto

I feel like I’ve been saying (and typing) this so very much lately, but Renegade was such an inspiring and encouraging experience! And I’m so excited to share an interview with one of my favorite artists from the weekend, Robbie from RobbieMoto.  Her booth was the sweetest and her work is just gorgeous!


Robbie and some of her pretty creations

Q. Could you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Robbie Matsumoto and I live in Saint Paul Minnesota along with my husband Hiromi and my Great Dane, Veda. My husband and I love to keep busy in creative endeavors. We play in a band together named Akai along with 7 other close friends, feel free to check us out at!

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interview: soda

Today, I am so excited to share another one of the wonderful makers that Renegade Craft Fair introduced to me, SODA by Amy! SODA is the sweetest ceramics shop. At Renegade, I was smitten with the beautiful blues and creams that covered her table. And I really wanted to take home one of the little deer vases! Even her “business cards” were adorable, small round bits of ceramic with her shop’s information. Too cute!

Amy is currently taking part in Artprize and you, if you’re in the Chicago area, you can see her beautiful installation for yourself. Click here for details!


Q. Could you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m originally from Michigan and studied interior design, art (ceramics!) and Furniture Design.  I often work freelance design to help balance out my income and enjoy the flexibility of my schedule.  I love to draw and work with various types of porcelain and paper.  I’m often surprised how all my different interests intermix in my product.

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interview: uncommon

Remember when I went to Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago a few weeks ago? It was such a wonderful and overwhelming (in the very best way) experience to see so many amazing crafters, artists, and makers.  One of my favorite booths was uncommon’s pretty tent. It felt like stepping into a beautifully furnished room right there in the middle of the fair!

I’m so excited to share a little interview with Jessie from uncommon with you today!

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interview: yarmee

I love finding shops on Etsy that inspire me to make things as much as they inspire me to buy! I find myself going back to look at Yarmee all the time. Lucia, the talented woman behind Yarmee and Larimeloom, hand spins the most amazing yarn. The beautiful colors and textures have me dreaming of creating beautiful things!


Lucia and some of her pretty yarns

Q. Could you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Maria Lucia Squillari, I am 23 years old and live in the beautiful hills of the north west side of Italy. I love the country, warm weather, crafting, reading, sleeping, taking walks.

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