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a giveaway from kara haupt!

Kara’s Music + Art Journaling class helped me to overcome my fear (my crippling fear) of blank sketchbooks. Kara is an inspiration wizard and I am so thrilled and honored to host a giveaway of her newest class, Out of the Blue, right here on Wayside Violet!

Out of the Blue

Here’s what Kara has to say about Out of the Blue,

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Good evening everyone! It’s my birthday! Twenty-four was a fun year with lots of changes and I think 25 is going to be a year of adventures. Joel and I have been planning things we want to do and I’m excited to see what happens!

cake bunting

Cake Bunting by KikiLaRu

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interview: thief & bandit

I’m always being inspired by people in the handmade, Etsy, DIY communities. I had another wave of “this is so cool!” as I read the answers that Amie, from theif & bandit, put together for today’s interview. Her work is gorgeous!


Amie and some of her fab fabric creations

Q. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Amie Cunningham and I live in Richmond VA with my husband Johnston, my eight month old baby Wolfgang, and my shepherd mutt, Leroy. I was born in British Columbia and raised throughout Canada living in nearly every province. I moved to NYC in 2002 to study art at Parsons School of Design where I met my husband, Johnston and the most amazing friends! We then moved back up to Canada to chill from big city life and make art. Richmond came calling when we both had opportunities to teach sculpture at VCU. It’s a great city, we love it here!

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interview: yorktown road

Yorktown Road is one of those lovely Etsy shops that just makes you want to click on everything! I first spotted the gorgeous bags on the Etsy front page and I instantly had to check out the whole shop! Carol, the genius behind Yorktown Road, does a beautiful job making impeccable clutches and handbags that are so perfect, they could be in an art gallery!

Q. Could you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Carol. I live near San Francisco with my husband, 3 children and far more books, stuffed animals and Legos than any one family should own. I like old things and amaze my husband by how often I will go to the grocery store but return with a carload of mid-century chairs, tables, shelves or some other crazy piece in need of refurbishing which I found for free on a street corner. I’m weak that way. I like to goof around with my kids, exercise a lot and enjoy exploring local parks and trails with my family.

I worked for many years as Director of Stores and Retail Operations for Esprit (U.S.) and the experience was amazing. I left when I had my son and decided to take time to nurture all of my creative interests. It has been an incredible journey of discovery and I have learned so much about myself and what I am capable of accomplishing. Most importantly, I am so happy each day to do this work that I do.

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interview: corrieberry pie

Corrie is one busy lady and she still finds time to make the sweetest things! Her whole shop is darling, but I especially  love the textile necklaces! Each piece is one of a kind (or just a few of a kind) and handmade using a wonderful mix of vintage, reclaimed and newer materials. I’m so excited that Corrie was able to make time for a little interview (thanks Corrie!) and don’t miss the sweet giveaway that Corrie was nice enough to offer for one luck reader!

darling necklaces

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interview: kristina marie

Kristina Marie is an enchanting shop full of the most beautiful handmade garlands. Each garland is made by Kristina using vintage papers and each one is so dreamy! We had a little hiccup in scheduling her interview (she was caught up in the travel confusion caused by that Icelandic volcano!) and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you today!

Kristina and one of her gorgeous creations

Q. Could you tell us a little about yourself?
Yes, my name is Kristina and I am a 25 year-old artist/designer living in northern Connecticut where I grew up. I love process. If it’s complicated, requires many steps and is considered a lost art… I’m all over it. I feel very strongly about understanding where things come from (ie food, products we use every day) and hope to one day live a sustainable and fairly self-sufficient lifestyle. My desire to learn about how to make everything has developed very lasting memories in my family including the creation of 23 temporary walls in 2 weeks, conducting dye bath experiments in the garage and the hard cider experiment catastrophe of ’08.

Q. How did you begin making garlands?
Well it was a bit of a happy accident actually. I was brainstorming gift ideas for my mother last October and considering her love for decorating at Christmas time, it seemed like the perfect idea! She totally loved it and with in the first 6 hours of listing my first strand on Etsy, I received a custom order. I’ve always loved crafting items that we as consumers are accustomed to purchasing. Paper garland just clicked.

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interview: aida coronado

I want to wish all of my Mexican friends a very happy Cinco de Mayo! To celebrate we have a beautiful interview and giveaway from the gorgeous Aida Coronado! Their shop announcement says, “We enjoy bringing our traditions and vintage techniques to this new world, we create and believe in…pieces with a heart, clothes to love and wear every day. We love what we do.” And you can tell!  Each piece is so thoughtfully and beautifully put together. You’ll fall in love!

Q. Could you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Aida and I am a lucky girl who was born in beautiful Mexico, I grew up living between the Mexican and the North American cultures. I was the kind of girl that was always doing things her own way and getting in trouble because of that, I remember a lot my maestra (teacher) undoing all my embroidery once and again because she did not like my way of doing it, but I loved it!

I have always had trouble understanding why things have to be the way they are supposed to be? I am a very curious person, and I love doing things just because I am curious about it and want to experience it, I love my dogs cat Family and husband and feel very happy and grateful for my life. I spent a few years in the USA, and I was about to move to Canada, but then, I realized that there was so much about my own country and culture that I did not know that decided to come back to Mexico and to explore it. And I am so glad I did! I am delighted with our culture and traditions, the magic, beauty and meanings of the traditional clothing and folk art in Mexico.

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