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a lux wishlist

This morning, I made a big ticket wishlist while anxiously awaiting the beginning of today’s World Cup matches. No reason really, just for fun.


Ring, Dress & Clutch

three things: hair inspiration

I’ve playing with the idea of doing something different with my hair color.

Maybe I’ll take my inspiration from flowers. Pink or green?

three things

Flowers, Teal Hair & Pink Hair

three things: dream trip

It doesn’t look like we’ll be taking any trips this summer. Somehow Bravery has gone from busy to crazy busy. We’re not complaining! But if I were planning a little dream getaway it might look like this:
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a few things: black and white

I do love the monochromatic. These are a few things I’d happily give a home to:

black and white

Sources: One, Two, Three & Four

etsy finds

three things: a girl and her dog

Over the weekend we took Cors to the Austin Corgi Meet Up. I had been looking forward to it for weeks. Corgis as far as the eye can see! What could be better? My plans to fill this blog up with cute photos of corgis romping in tennis ball fetching joy were cut short when Cors had some sort of fit. He stiffened up and howled. It was the most horrible sound I’ve ever heard. It was over in seconds and he was back to normal.

Today I took him to the vet and he got a 100% clean bill of health, but we still don’t know what it was. It was so alarming at the time that we scooped him up and took him straight home. He’s perfectly fine, but I can’t help hugging him a little more frequently than he might like.

three things a girl and her dog
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