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one lovely week with amanda from here comes the sun

Hello lovebirds!

I can’t believe another Valentines day has come around again so quickly. This will be the fourth year my husband and I have been together for it, which seems crazy to me that time has flown by that fast. In other years we have tried to keep Valentines low-key and do something sweet and romantic for each other like cooking a special meal together, going for a walk around the lake or watching a movie- rather than spending the big bucks on expensive gifts and this year will be no different.

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one lovely week with shokoofeh from a new simple thing

Hello to you, very dear readers of Wayside Violet! It’s a real pleasure to be here as Jessica’s guest blogger in this “cozy lovely” place!

So… today I brought some goodies for you. Free printable tags for your Valentine gifts! You just need to click here to download the file, print and use the tags.

valentine tags

I hope you enjoy!

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one lovely week with kara from i just might explode

Hi! I’m Kara from I Just Might Explode. Thanks to Jessica for asking me to guest post! I had a fun time putting together this Polyvore style outfit. Though I’m honestly quite content with having a low-key dateless Valentines Day this year, if I had the opportunity for a romantic night on the town, this is what I would wear. A statement dress paired with neutral, but glittery accessories.

valentine outfit

Dress, Shoes, Bag, Necklace and Ring

Happy Valentines Day and find some time to glam up, date or no date!

one lovely week with erin from design for mankind

Today’s post is from the super fabulous Erin Loechner from Design for Mankind!

My husband and I decided that we need to live a bit this year, rather than spending our days working, working and then occasionally dropping a TV dinner in the microwave before bed. So, I surprised him with paint ball tickets (he used to go for fun as a kid) and promised him I’d join him.

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one lovely week with erin from atlantic treefox

hi! i’m erin jane from atlantic treefox. jessica invited me over for a visit so i thought i’d take this chance to group some photographs that feel like valentine’s to me. enjoy!

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one lovely week with lauren from blooming leopold

Hello! I’m Lauren from Blooming Leopold, and I’m happy to be guest blogging for Jessica today! Hope you enjoy this little glimpse into one of my major obsessions – sewing.

Lately, I’ve been consumed by DIY magazines and blogs.. literature that gives tips on baking, at home crafts like crocheting and embroidery, re-purposing vintage clothing and furniture, and especially sewing. So for this Valentine’s Day, I decided to craft a dress for the occasion!

gathering the skirt

The dress was pretty simple and lovely to make – darts in the back and front of the bodice with a zipper at the back and a short little gathered skirt. I crafted it out of crushed cranberry velvet and used a 1960s drop waist mini dress pattern. I hemmed the skirt, gathered the waistline and attached it to the bottom of the bodice.. I also sewed facings for the neck and arms.

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one lovely week with lara lewis

Today’s post is from the very sweet Lara Lewis!

Shortbread Black Tea Cookies with Orange Zest
This is a slightly modified recipe of Martha Stewart’s. I love to modify recipes, because a: I am lazy, and b: I never seem to have on hand the exact ingredients the recipe calls for. In this case, I used fresh, loose tea leaves instead of tea bag tea leaves, and prepared everything in my food processor in 2 quick steps. These shortbread cookies are quick and easy to make, so delicious, and perfect for sharing a cup of tea with your Valentine!

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