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palm springs, pt. 1

I’ve spent the last few days in sunny Palm Springs California at the Ace Hotel. We’ve been daydreaming about going for ages and maybe that’s why it felt a little surreal to actually be there. I took a little over 200 photos and I still can’t quite believe I was really there.

It’s hard to pick just a few but I’ve narrowed down these of our patio suite and the pool areas. There are two salt water pools, by the way, both with amazing views of the San Jacinto mountains. Lovely!

ace hotel

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vacation packing

Vacation time is almost here! These are a few of the things that are coming along with me: Night Sky notebooks from Field Notes, Cheerful Weather for the Wedding, and The Moonstone. I’ve been watching this version of Cheerful Weather for the Wedding regularly this summer and I’m excited to see what the book (a novella from 1935) is like. The Field Notes have constellations visible during the summer printed on their backs.

vacation packing 1


vacation packing 2


vacation packing 3

portland: japanese garden

Remember when I went to Portland a month or so ago? One day during the trip Joel and I met up with our friends, Liz and Andre, at the Japanese Garden. I just realized that I never posted the photos I took that day.

Quite by accident, we were there at the ideal time for the cherry blossoms. It couldn’t be more perfect! Here is a belatedly look at the garden, the second best thing to being there again.

Japanese Garden -Portland

Japanese Garden -Portland

Japanese Garden -Portland

Japanese Garden -Portland

If I lived in Portland I would want to live in this garden. If you’re in the area I hope you’ll pay them a visit sometime.

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portland: easter at the coast

It’s funny to think that just about this time last week we were picnicking on giant on rocks, looking out at the Oregon coast, and watching the seagulls, but we were. After church on Easter Sunday we loaded up in Joel’s sister’s car with goodies and siblings and a dog in tow and head west to the Oregon coast. It was a brilliant day!

Joel at the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast

There was much to explore and see. I hadn’t been to the ocean in years and year and it was rather wonderful an unreal to be so close to the Pacific, once again.
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portland: odds, ends, instagrams

We managed all kinds of adventures and explorations while in Portland last week. Here’s a handful in no particular order:

One day we met up with two friends from college (Jon & Liz) and had delicious things on biscuits at Pine State and then best coffee of our trip at Barista. We Texans approve of biscuits.



We also approve of boots.

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portland: hotel deluxe and case study coffee

The first half of our trip revolved around the Hotel deLuxe, where we stayed, and Case Study Coffee a short walk away, where we worked. The hotel is from the 1920s and has been updated with an old Hollywood glamour. Our room looked like something out of a wonderful old movie and the rest of the building was gorgeously gilt and art deco.

Hotel deLuxe

Hotel deLuxe

Hotel deLuxe

I took a lot of photos of the lobby because it is just so pretty.

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on the road

It got really quiet around here the last week or so because Joel, Cors, and I packed up and stealthily road tripped to West Virginia to surprise my mom for her birthday. The surprise was so successful and we had a wonderful time with my family. It was so nice to see them all and to be with my mom on her birthday for the first time in ages. So fun!

It’s a two day drive from Austin to WV and today we’ll drive the last stretch home.




We drove through five states, Memphis, and Nashville. The photos above are from in and around those cities.