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My weekend projects are mostly organizing and tidying. I forget when I had the crazy idea that this would be the weekend I finally get my dreaded yarn collection in order! And I’ve promised to bake an apple pie and my garden needs some attention, anyway you get the idea. If I wasn’t working on all of those projects, I definitely be making this amazing looking granola!

granola cereal-3

click photo for recipe

I love cereal and I’ve been on a major granola kick lately. I’ve watched my mom make muesli but I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’e never thought of making my own before. This recipe from A Chow Life looks like the perfect thing!

I saw this cute Double Duty Erase Board tutorial on ReadyMade blog right before leaving work on Friday:

so cute!

1. Picture frame with glass or plexi insert (I recommend a Ribba frame from IKEA like the one I used)
2. Fabric scraps
3. Heavy duty tape
4. Dry erase markers

Step by Step How To:
1.Remove everything from the frame (paper, mat, backing) except for the glass.
2. Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than your frame backing (about an extra 2 inches all the way around). Whether your backing is hardboard or cardboard, this tutorial will work, so don’t worry.
3. Place cut fabric over frame backing and then flip over.
4. Fold over excess fabric and then, using heavy duty tape, attach the fabric to your backing.
5. Place the now fabric-covered frame backing into the frame and you are all done! You are ready to write notes all over your pretty dry erase board.

Thank you Paper n Stitch for coming up with such a cute project!

I better get back to my yarn…

Are you working on anything fun this weekend? I hope your Saturday is happy!

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