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Can you believe July is more than halfway over? I hardly can! It’s still super hot here and our once bright green grass is more of a crispy brown. Everyday I rush home from work to give our poor little garden a good drink. Just watering in the morning isn’t enough these days.

I must be secretly wishing for fall, because all the things I’ve been “hearting” and bookmarking seem to have warm colors and be made for making chilly evenings more cozy.

the first of fall

leaves from my favorite maple at our old house

So here are some of the pretty, cozy things I am loving today, starting with a woodsy engagement shoot. The shots are very sweet and kind of look like album art for a folksy duo record, but what I like best are the colors.

I’m secretly jealous of all the gorgeous, sweet, etc engagement photos floating around these, because I never thought about having any taken. I’m not really that jealous; I get to admire all the pretty ones!

I call Cors “foxy face” all the time because he has such cute big ears.  Now I’m a sucker for all foxy animals and I couldn’t resist showing you this adorable fennec fox photo. Isn’t it the sweetest? What a cute little guy!

Fennec fox

photo by floridapfe

This might sound a little silly, but my new dream bedroom would have a wall painted with chalkboard paint (the wall against the headboard), some of these wonderful prints, and this pretty bedding.

Sketch Duvet Cover + Shams from West Elm

Speaking of chalkboard paint, I love how Elsie used it on the doors in her new home!

I think these catchall baskets (crocheted out of rubber, no less!) are genius and I love this bird pillow too, both are by Gretel.

photos via Gretel

These dresses by Andreas Murkudis are just amazing! Each one is sheer and they’re meant to be layered and layered and layered.

photos via Style Bubble

The color spectrum display makes me so happy! I would probably walk out of the store with lots of greens and peach tones! Which shades would you pick?

As much as I like color, I also really love pretty, monochromatic things like a chilly beach with a warm, plaid blanket…

photo by Christian Hansen

…and this gorgeous geometric quilt. I want to make something like it soon!

via Hello Tiger!

It’s been so slow at work these past few weeks. (I guess it makes sense. I mean I do work at a university and none of my undergrads are here.) Most days I make lists of things I want to do when I get home and I have so much pent up “doing energy” that I’ve actually accomplished a lot!

Tonight my plan is to get a little organizing done, get back into doing pilates on a regular basis, and make a ham and spinach tart. Yeah, I really am ready for fall or at least some cooler weather!

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  1. love all these photos – especially that bedding and the layered dresses, what a fantastic concept! glad to know i am not the only one secretly wishing for fall. i feel a bit guilt about it since we have been waiting forever for summer up here, but fall really is my favourite season (even though it is sadly so brief).

  2. Hi there! I love those engagement photos- that mix of plaid and the fall setting is just so perfect. And Cors is adorable. I want a pup but don’t have time to really have one yet. I am so sick of the summer heat… I like layers and fall colors. This is a lovely post!

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