and the winner is…

First things first! Congratulations to lucky number 11, Lauren, the winner of the Yorktown Road giveaway!

Yesterday my friend Harry tweeted-I hope it’s not creepy that I’m blogging about someone else’s tweet, anyway…- he said, “I love looking through other peoples favourites on flickr. You can get a glimpse of what that person is about from what they favourite.” I was intrigued so I went looking through his favorites and found so many beautiful shots!

furry friends

cute pup

photo by Adrià Cañameras

I always fall for the puppies!

cute pup

photo by Molly Orangette

pretty places


photo by Godi

little meals

coffee time

photo by {manda}

I hope you’re having a good Wednesday! Tonight we’re having people over for various types of tacos, yay! Joel’s cooking is the best and I’m excited to eat and talk! (Not at the same time!)

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