williamsburg in flowers

I’ve always dreamed about going to Williamsburg at Christmastime and how magical it would be. I was not disappointed! At night all of the fir trees in the modern sections of town and around our guest house were draped in white lights and the huge fluffy snowflakes that filled the skies nestled on their branches.

During the day wood smoke and the scent of fresh greenery was everywhere. Not very surprising because evergreen branches and holly where everywhere you turned.

Williamsburg at Christmastime

It took me a few minutes to realize that the bird sitting in this wreath was real and was making a little snack of the apples!

Colonial Bird Bottle

Williamsburg Bird Bottle

Even this old fashioned bird house had its little wreath!

Governor’s Palace Gardens are always pretty. This time of year they were full of berries and pines covered in ice and snow.

Williamsburg in the Snow

We went on a little walking tour of the town and its decorations. My favorite displays were the beautiful decorations made from natural things like fruit, oyster shells and these gorgeous Chinese lantern flowers…

Williamsburg at Christmastime

Williamsburg at Christmastime

Williamsburg at Christmastime

Williamsburg at Christmastime

There’s something so energizing about working with such beautiful natural colors. I was so inspired just by walking around and I can’t wait to do a little sketching and see if I can come up with some new patterns. Thank goodness for vacation and a little free time for just-for-fun projects!

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  1. These decorations are all so pretty! I especially love the one in the fifth photo– what is it made from? I can’t tell what the different parts of it are.

    • I love that one! The wreath itself is made from grapevine, the orange are the Chinese Lantern flowers, the green are Lotus pods, and I really wish I could remember what the white parts are. I asked twice and just can’t remember, but I know for sure they aren’t cauliflower (my first guess)!

      • Oh, cool! Thanks for telling me, I was really curious. Especially about the green parts. I love the way all the colors look together. 🙂

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