shopping in a snowstorm

Being all snowed in today was wonderful! I had lots of time for things I never seem to get around to doing and some lazy time for coffee and filling my imaginary, just-for-fun shopping bag with some serious loot. If I were to go on a little, online spending spree today, these things would make the cut for sure!


1) & 2) I’ve been trying to pick between Paris Graffiti Heart and Parked in Paris. Which one would you put in your guest room?  3) I love this  Flower Garland and I’ve been playing with a few ideas for making something a little like it.  4) Commander and Chic nail polish is my favorite shade right now. It seems like it was made for this time of year. Not too purple and not to gray, just perfect!  5) & 6) I think this Sweater & Lace Turtleneck and Baileys Scented Candles are both sweet.  7) Awesome Almonds by Curious Chocolate, yum!  8) Wool Blanket, cozy!  9) I read about Lipstick Queen Medieval Lipstick (photo by Katrina) ages ago, but I still want to try it.

Did you have a snow day, too? How did you spend it?

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