wednesday loves: pretty things

I think I’m getting just a bit tired of the ol’ “Pretty Things” weekly post so today I’m starting something new. I still kind of like the idea of having one post a week for a little show and tell time, so starting today we’ll have “Wednesday Loves”, instead! I’ll still be sharing things that are currently inspiring me but with less pressure to list a whole bunch of pretties. I think it’s going to be fun!

This week I’m loving…

Two new-to-me blogs that have been inspirational reading this week:

Jennifer Causey’s The Makers Project and especially her interview with Lena Corwin


lena corwin

click photo for the interview

and Closet Visit


Fieldguided is having a sale, just in time to spruce up your Spring wardrobe!


click photo for more information

A hairstyle I want to try (via @atlantictreefox)

The sweetest Wes Anderson posters by Justin Mezzell (via andrew + carissa)

wes anderson posters

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  1. I have to admit, when I started reading this, I was a little disappointed to be losing the ‘pretty things’ posts… but ‘wednesday loves’ is just as awesome! I love coming to your blog when I need a break from schoolwork and seeing your posts. I’ve been introduced to so many sweet shops, recipes, blogs/people, photos, and simply lovely things through this blog! I look forward to the new wednesday posts 🙂

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