wednesday loves: random things edition

Wow!  How is it Wednesday already? This week is going by fast! I have a random, but pretty little mix of lovelies to share today, starting with my dining room…

The dining room is kind of a hot mess right now, but there are lots of pretty things in it:

dining room

a bit of dinner, sunny ranunculus, tiny chamomile plants & paint things

I fell in love with this dress right away, but I couldn’t figure out exactly why for a few days. Ever so often I’d come back to it and ponder why it felt “right”. Today I figured it out! I had a top made of this exact fabric in high school! Would I lie to you? I would not.

a pretty dress

I picture wearing it with sandals and a cozy cardigan to an outdoor concert on an early summer evening. I’m starting to get excited for spring, but it kind of feels like it will never come. It’s still very chilly here! (Cardigans necessary!)  But I’m looking forward to the irises blooming, making hot cross buns, and maybe painting a few eggs.

painted eggs

photo by Shokoofeh

Last of all, I saw this sweet coffee experiment on Andrew + Carissa and I couldn’t resist sharing it here:

You can read more about Elizabeth’s project over here.
I hope you’re Wednesday is lovely!

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