wednesday loves

I feel like Wednesday sneaks up on me every week! And here it is again already! This whole month is going fast. April has been really rainy and chilly, which I love, but my co-workers do not. I think the weather might be impacting today’s loves. Lots of muted colors with a little brightness here and there.

The number one thing I’m loving this week is my new nail polish. My red, black and dark purple options didn’t seem quite right for spring so I went shopping.

new nail polish

roses on my fingers

English Rose by Rimmel came home with me and it’s the perfect matte pink. Sidenote: I kind of wish we still called nail polish “nail varnish”, like the olden days.

This handmade beauty in a rough place by Crystal Gregory is so gentle and beautiful


via Crystal Gregory

These darling feather cookies look so sweet

feather cookies

via the kitchen

And speaking of feathers…how cute are these wings?

via Handmade Charlotte

I love this turntable card!

turn table card by 4four

turn table card by 4four

I want to make this bench for my little garden.

garden bench

via ReadyMade

What are you loving today?

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  1. Okay, I know that the first photo is supposed to be all about the nail polish, but I LOVE that blouse!

    Also, the next three photos are sweet! I would love to see those little doilies in a public place like that for real, what a neat idea! And as soon as I saw those cookies, I instantly wanted to host some sort of themed party for which they’d be appropriate, haha… I’m a dork. 🙂

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