wednesday loves: pretty photos

Spring was so lazy about taking its sweet time to get here that summer had to step in! So the tulips are only just beginning to really show up during a week of 80+ degrees and thunderstorms. It’s finals week at my day job and soon I’ll be busy processing grades and lots of other paperwork, but for now it’s quiet.

I’m feeling a little daydreamy for summertime and travel. For today’s loves I planned a dream vacation itinerary with some help from my flickr favorites:

Pet a pony in Iceland


Photo by Jen

Decorate a lovely cake in England. Okay, mostly I want to eat it!

lovely cake

photo by Lobster and Swan

Play pretty music on a record player in Toronto


photo by Anabela

and pick a few flowers in a rain drenched garden in New York


photo by Shanna Murray

A few other lovely things:

– I love Shanna Murray’s brand new (it was launched this morning!) line!  She included some mirror and chalkboard kits that are so very lovely. I am head over heels for the Darcy Mirror Kit. The pallet is really stunning: chalkboard blacks, bronze and white.

-I’m starting to get excited about our trip to California that’s coming up in a month or so. This pretty blog has lots of airy LA fashion inspiration.

-I like silhouettes and I like this pop cameo exhibit. So pretty and intriguing!

-I’ve always been a sucker for Steve Madden shoes but I can’t get this pair off my mind…

And that’s what I’m loving today!

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