wednesday loves

This time of year I always feel like I’m supposed to be driving through the southwest. Lingering memories of driving from West Virginia to California, I suppose. Maybe this week’s loves are reflecting my thoughts on the beautiful desert contrasts of dark and bright. I like to think so anyway.

First up, I love having a fresh supply of the best coffee and I love my new yellow and gray shirt!

coffee beans

This cheerful bonfire party photographed by Kara Haupt is making me crave s’mores!


photo by Kara Haupt


photo by Kara Haupt

A DIY for Pom Pom Necklaces that is so gorgeous!

pom pom necklace

I’ve seen the living room at my parents’ house go through lots of different phases. I think it’s grown out of its beach-y and English country stages quite nicely and looks so sophisticated! Nice job, mom and dad!

living room

And last but not least, I love this little video:

My week has been full of energetic busyness and I might have some news to share soon….we’ll see! For now I’m back to work and my coffee cup!

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