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I really meant to have this post up last night but then, to make a long and boring story short, I sewed a few pieces of my homework (a yoked bodice) incorrectly and had to practice my salty language tear out a bunch of stitches and start again.

Saturday, the day before the great sewing problem, I got a bunch of my Christmas shopping done. This was mostly due to the truly AMAZING gift guide/magazine that Ez from Creature Comforts made. It’s quite possibly the best giving guide I’ve ever seen. I can’t praise it enough!

You can see it for yourself right here:

I  try to support handmade, independent and small businesses as often as I can. They have so much heart! So when Kara sent me the link to her brand new online store for her handmade journals and mini clothing line, Stuff Kara Made, I knew I had to share!

There are lots of cute things perfect for friends, younger siblings or any other cool folks on your list. Kara is kindly offering Wayside Violet readers 25% off your orders. Just use the code “stuff4you” for your discount!

Three more cool things to check out:
Mary Kate is writing one letter everyday for a year. It’s pretty neat!

When do you know it’s okay to start getting Christmasy? Do you hold off as long as you can or do start stringing lights in September? I like what Little Brown Pen has to say and the pretty photo of Paris doesn’t hurt either!

If you’re just holding on to fall and want to see photos of a daydreamy autumn weekend, then click here!

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