I tried a new brand of nail polish this weekend. The brand is called Butter London and they make dozens of beautiful shades all without harmful chemicals.

There are so many pretty shades it can be hard to choose. I finally decided on golden West End Wonderland and the special edition, The Black Knight.

new nail polishes

They’re both pretty, sparkly, and perfect for holiday parties or for making ordinary days a bit more fun.

Of the two, I think my favorite is West End Wonderland. It’s quite delicate and seems like a grown up version of the glittery nail polish of my junior high days.

new nail polish

I used both and alternated colors so I could see them both at once.

November 13



I was asked on flickr to report if the polishes chip. Apparently Butter nail varnishes have a reputation for doing that which I hadn’t heard before picking up my new bottles. So the verdict is…they do chip quite a bit even with a topcoat! But they stay nice when freshly applied I think they are best for special occasions. If you paint your nails in the morning for an evening event, I think you’ll be just fine.

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