Friends, I need a new purse. Mine is literally falling apart. I mean it fell to pieces in the middle of the store last night. There’s this thing that connects the shoulder strap to the body of the purse and it keeps failing with disastrous results.

But I’m picky. I want the purse on the left. It’s reversible and not too big for my short self, but it’s also sold out. I still can’t help thinking about it and comparing every other purse too it. Sigh, a girl can dream, right?

Left: Libro Clutch & Reversible Handbag            Right: Anthro Purse & Viaje Pouch

The hardest thing about purse shopping for me is that most of the bags I like are really totes pretending to be purses. I’m pretty short and lugging around a big old piece of luggage that I’m pretending is a purse isn’t very flattering and gets me suspicious looks in shops. What do you look for in a new purse?

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  1. I like big purses, and I cannot lie! Couldn’t help myself. I do looooove big purses with a long shoulder strap that goes across the body. I tried the over the shoulder thing because it looks so much more grown-up, but I hate how unsecured it is. I love my purses big so I can carry a book or notebook at all times. I have multiple purses thanks to a certain Ashley, but despite her best efforts to get me to coordinate my purses to outfits, I generally use the same one every day…a trusty slouchy gray bag that goes around my body and can hold everything.

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