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In my design classes we generally have to create two or three collections throughout the course of a semester. We start by gathering tons of inspiration images.Then we make croquis (fashion figures, the models for the clothes). Next we draw a ton of roughs. Roughs are quick sketches of garments. Then we edit the looks (a lot) and render the completed looks. Hopefully you’re still with me and didn’t get lost in that gibberish. The first collection of the semester was due this week and this is what I made.


moodboard copy

I like setting up my moodboard so that it goes inspiration on the left to fabric swatches on the right.

Twenty Roughs:


Five of my favorite looks:

They look so much better in person than in they do scanned.

I still have far to go. I need to work on rendering skin tone and fabrication. But I do think that the faces are less scary than anything I drew last semester and the shading is nice on some of them. (I’m looking at you, lady on the right!)

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