I made this: design project

I’m officially on spring break! Last night I turned in my second major project for my design class. In case you need refreshing, you can read a little more about what that entails in this post from earlier in the semester.

I keep seeing improvement with each assignment. I had a painting prof in undergrad who was famous for saying, “Hmm, this is good. Go make ten more.” That idea has stuck with me and at the end of each major project I think, “This is better. Time to make more!”  Practice isn’t popular but it is so important.


I worked with drawing ink this time and I love the stuff! I need to play with it more, but it’s wonderful. I prefer painting to drawing and drawing inks have a sort of water color quality to them. I wish it came through a little more in the scans.


My croquis (fashion figures) are looking much more human. I’m so happy about that!

This time around we also did flats (technical drawings) for each piece.

look and flats

My fabric inspiration:

I just have a pesky pair of trousers to finish and then I’ll really be on spring break!

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