reading & writing, pt. 3

March flew by without giving me much time for reading. It’s still the most busy time of the semester, but I’m starting to look forward to a summer break and maybe a little bit more leisurely book reading time.

I read: The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide
The beautiful, true story of a cat who adopts a quiet, hard-working couple as its second family. It’s darling and made me laugh and cry all within its few pages. Anyone who loves or has loved a pet will like this book, I think.

There’s a line in the book which stuck with me especially. It happens early on, the first time the cat curls up for a nap on the couch of the couple it has been visiting. Something along the lines of “it felt like the cat curled up in a ball sleeping on the couch was a dream that the house had created”. A home without a pet is too empty.

I finished: Auroramora by Jean-Christophe Valtat
I bought this book in October 2012 because it had the mostly lovely cover and it seemed like a pretty story. It’s taken me this long to finish because it’s kind of bizarre and gritty and cold. It’s about a city that has been built in the arctic called New Venice and there are a lot of politics, folklore, a Polar Kangaroo, and an indie music scene. It’s strange.

I started: Casino Royale by Ian Fleming
I think I started this because I wanted something that seemed like a summer book. James Bond was silhouetted in a doorway, gun in hand, by page five. So far, so good.

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