reading & writing, pt. 4

April was another month in which I just didn’t have much time for reading. I spent a lot of time sewing, drawing, tackling Photoshop,and creating a leather laptop sleeve all for different classes.

Before I knew it, April was over and I had only read two books. Both short, quick reads but very different from one another.

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming
The first of the iconic James Bond novels. James was silhouetted in a doorway, gun in hand by page five. Campy, easy to follow, and a good read for the few minutes a day I had to spare between projects.

I went hunting for classic spy novel recommendations and now I have a whole list of espionage books to fill my free time this summer. Starting with the Spy Who Came in from the Cold. I’d love hear any spy novel recommendations you might have!

Light Boxes by Shane Jones
This book couldn’t be more different from the cheap delight of 007. From what I have gathered, it is the first novel by the poet Shane Jones. It reads like something between poetry, fairytale, and a painting. I think it may become a book that I find myself pressing into friends’ hands with an earnest expression on my face. But only because I think they may find it beautiful.

This is one of my favorite bits. It’s spoken to the reader by a child narrator,
“You’re one of the good ones. You are kind and compassionate and filled with happiness. You walk through the season of February without a care in the world, maybe a shiver, only a passing complaint about the grayness of the sky that will soon give way to the flowers you planted around the mailbox.”

I picked up Light Boxes on a whim and I’m so glad I did.

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