reading & writing, pt. 6

At the end of each month I try write a short recap of the books I’ve read.

Well, between visitors and that little event called the World Cup my reading was pitiful last month. I really only read one book and it wasn’t even the whole book, just the introduction.

Erec by Hartmann Von Aue
Translated, with an introduction and commentary, by Michael Resler

Years ago, I had an amazing professor named Dr. Hart. She taught English and Irish literature and believed in giving away her books. The semester she retired she opened up her office library and invited her students to come take whatever we wanted. I adopted a large Medieval literature textbook, a collection of Swift’s poems, and Erec.

Erec is the German telling of an arthurian knight’s adventure.  I read the story part a few years ago, but skipped the introduction. Somehow the only thing I read last month was this introduction and commentary. It takes up about a third of the book and was very interesting.

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