coffee break: blueberry crumb cake

I’ve been enjoying a little extra free time this past week. I did a bit of re-organization in the office, got rid of a few more boxes (I think we just have 4 or 5 left from the move), and spent a lot of time in the kitchen.

I haven’t made this cake in a few months, but every time I do I think I love it a bit more. You wouldn’t think blueberries and cinnamon could be so good and addictive. It’s a crowdpleaser, the perfect make-ahead brunch contribution, and I love having it around for afternoon coffee breaks.

Coffee & Blueberry Crumb Cake

blueberry crumb cake 1

blueberry crumb cake 2

I used a smaller pan this time around for a thicker slice and it worked well.

Recipe via Smitten Kitchen.

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