WWI “Tommy” Inspired Collection

I can’t believe how fast this semester is going!

Today, I thought I’d finally post this project I wrapped up a few weeks ago. The inspiration began with an exploration of British WWI “Tommy” uniforms. Then I moved on to looking at civilian wear and volunteer uniforms. The interesting elements that came from this further design research where the armband and tie-look-a-like placket details.

I feel like my methods and style have (almost magically) solidified this semester. I’m better able to think through garment design and incorporate my inspiration. I’m not sure why, but things are just “clicking”.

Goodman_P1_1 Goodman_P1_2 Goodman_P1_3 Goodman_P1_4 Goodman_P1_5 Goodman_P1_6 Goodman_P1_7 Goodman_P1_8 Goodman_P1_9 Goodman_P1_10 Goodman_P1_11 Goodman_P1_12 Goodman_P1_13 Goodman_P1_14 Goodman_P1_15 Goodman_P1_16 Goodman_P1_17 Goodman_P1_18 Goodman_P1_19

Overall, I am really happy with my designs in this project. My plan is to add more 3D (actually created garments) exploration and re-do the layouts of my sketchbook inclusions before putting this in my portfolio.

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