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I have a collection of bright green herbs and purple flowers brightening the front of our little cottage these days. It’s wonderful to step out to the scent of basil and rosemary and flowers.

front garden_6 front garden_4
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wisteria everywhere

This is our first spring in our new home and we’ve been surprised by an invasion of wisteria. It’s so lovely, draping over every inch of fence and tree limb, and filling the yard with a delicate perfume.

The last photo is my view from the kitchen. I like how it looks like the wisteria wants to move in with us!


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four things: home office

When it comes to workspaces, I am more of a white walls and few distractions sort of person. But for some reason this warm, dual-color work nook looks so appealing today.

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tiffany’s bridal shower

A few weeks ago, I helped host a bridal shower for my good friend Tiffany. The decor and food all came togather perfectly and it was a lovely morning celebrating her upcoming wedding.

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WWI “Tommy” Inspired Collection

I can’t believe how fast this semester is going!

Today, I thought I’d finally post this project I wrapped up a few weeks ago. The inspiration began with an exploration of British WWI “Tommy” uniforms. Then I moved on to looking at civilian wear and volunteer uniforms. The interesting elements that came from this further design research where the armband and tie-look-a-like placket details.

I feel like my methods and style have (almost magically) solidified this semester. I’m better able to think through garment design and incorporate my inspiration. I’m not sure why, but things are just “clicking”.
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I have been talking a lot about Austin clothing line, Esby, lately. I love what they are doing and how they are doing it and I kind of can’t believe that I haven’t written a blog post about them yet.

Esby is mostly a one-woman show, Stephanie Beard, and I am so impressed with her. Last semester she took time to sit down with me and let me ask her a ton of questions about her design and production process. Her approach to Esby is menswear for women. The idea that you can dress in a uniform way has always appealed to me. I’m happiest when I can mix and match almost everything  in my closet. Stephanie designs collections that are meant to be  interchangeable. Take that fast fashion!

Esby 1
I just found out that they will be having a pop-up shop at the HELM Boots store on E. 11th March 18-21. Stop by if you’re in town!
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Becca Stadtlander

I really love the illustrations and paintings by Becca Stadtlander. They have a wonderful folk art feel and the colors are a delightful mix of lovely and daring.

I bought a few of her cards before I realized that they came from the same designer. Once I discovered her Etsy shop I started making it a routine to visit frequently. I plan to add the prickly pear print to my studio inspiration wall soon.


life lately

Things have been very busy here recently. My last semester of grad school started, my parents came for a visit, and now SXSW is in town. This year we have badges (because Joel built this for SXSW) and can go to pretty anything we want to do/see.

We saw the premiere of the new Steve Jobs documentary, Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, by Alex Gibney. My impression of this version of the film was that it needed more editing. It felt scattered.
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A Few of My Favorite Austin Places

SXSW has officially taken over the city. Maybe you are one of the many, many folks visiting our beautiful town. If you are, maybe you’re looking for a more authentic Austin experience.

Good news! I’ve made a list of some great local places:

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