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in four photos

I think there is enough inspiration in the four photos below to conjure up an epic, romantic tale about a baker of marvelous cakes somewhere in a garden filled version of a European town (France? Germany? Italy?), ideally a town with lots vine covered ruins and mysteries.

If you write it let me know. It’d love to read it on my summer holiday.

in four photos

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inspiration: seaside home

One summer, many years ago when I was maybe 10 or 12, my family went on vacation to Maine. That trip is one of my favorite childhood memories and certainly my favorite trip we took. I remember: the cool, salty air, riding bikes from our little carriage rental down to the cliffs, being amazed by the tidal pools, puffins, and lighthouses.

On this cloudy Austin afternoon, I’ve built my own daydreamy seaside home:

seaside home

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favorites: beauty

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a brand new lip balm/eye shadow/you can fill in the blank with your favorite beauty item. This week’s (belated) Favorites post is all about things for that wonderful “new beautifying things” feeling.

I picked out a bunch of lovely things, perfect for filling stockings of making a little beauty kit:

Favorites for Beauty

1) Beautiful Pouch by Scout & Catalogue  2) Tiny Locket by The Vamoose  3) Lollia Hand Cream Mini  4) The Perfect Red Nail Polish by Butter London  5) Argan Oil and Wildflower Palette by Josie Maran  6) Pomegranate Kit by Burt’s Bees  7) Nail Kit via Sephora  8) Lulu Organic Hair Powder


I tried a new brand of nail polish this weekend. The brand is called Butter London and they make dozens of beautiful shades all without harmful chemicals.

There are so many pretty shades it can be hard to choose. I finally decided on golden West End Wonderland and the special edition, The Black Knight.

new nail polishes

They’re both pretty, sparkly, and perfect for holiday parties or for making ordinary days a bit more fun.

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something beautiful

I have something extra lovely to share today! There tons of amazing historic photo archives on flickr, but the Brooklyn Museum‘s Paris Exposition of 1900 set is just breathtaking! These images were brought back by the Brooklyn Museum’s first curator of fines, William Henry Goodyear.

According to the museum, “In 1900, Goodyear traveled to the Paris Exposition with photographer Joseph Hawkes. They brought back numerous images from the exposition including street life, vistas, pavilions, statues, and other structures and decorative details.”

Paris Exposition: Pont d'Jena toward Chateau of Water, view from the, Paris, France, 1900

Paris Exposition: Pont d'Jena toward Chateau of Water, view from the, Paris, France, 1900

Paris Exposition: Seine River, Paris, France, 1900

Paris Exposition: Seine River, Paris, France, 1900

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wednesday loves: 3 sets of lovelies

Happy Wednesday! Lots of things are making mine happy: wearing a brand new dress, my side up-do staying in place (thanks to a zillion bobby pins!), sunshine and chocolate covered pretzels.

Maybe it’s the sunshine, but I’m feeling extra loving today so I had to work hard to narrow down what I wanted to share for this week’s Wednesday Loves. I picked three “sets” of things that I LOVE, enjoy!

1) New (to me) Etsy Finds

Etsy loves

Clutch, NecklaceBoots & Headband

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cozy, homey friday

Happy Friday evening! I had plans to go out and see The Illusionist tonight, but they sadly fell through. (Next week for reals, Abby!) So instead I’m tucked up at home with a bit of a thunderstorm and a somewhat sickly puppy. It feels nice to be cozied up at home. Here are a few cozy, homey things I’m loving tonight.

Julie’s lovely quilt makes me want to make one. It’s been ages since I’ve done any quilting!

zip zag quilt

quilt and photo by Julie

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march is here!

It’s a little hard for me to believe that March is here already! I blame all the piles of leftover snow. Springtime really isn’t too far off though so I’ve rounded up a few pretty, sunshiny things to share.

I went through my closet this weekend and found mostly muted navies and browns and functional blacks and grays. I think I’d like to see a few more of these colors in my closet for spring…

March is here

Pretty Flowers, Kites by Something’s Hiding In Here, Community Gardens and Adorable Kite Dress from Red Velvet

something sweet

Happy Friday! I am so excited for this weekend! I have lots of fun projects to finish up and share and a good bit of baking and cooking and relaxing to do, too! But there are still a few hours between me and quitin’ time so to pass the time here are two sweet things that I’m loving today…

Of all the lovely floral displays I’ve seen over the past few weeks, this one just might be my favorite!

pretty flowers

via Design*Sponge

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pretty things

Wow! Wednesday is here already! Maybe this week is flying by because I’ve been staying busy with little Valentine projects and preparations. I have two more projects that I am so excited to show you this week! But I’ve also been getting distracted by all the pretty things popping up everywhere, like this beautiful Valentine’s Day e-magazine from Russia and the new TOAST Catalog.

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