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Tonight we’re going to Milwaukee to see Ben Folds & Street Corner Symphony! We found out about the show at the last minute and just decided to go today. We aren’t usually so spontaneous. I am so looking forward to it!

Until then, I still have the workday afternoon to get through so I snatched a few recent flickr favorites to share with and maybe make the time go faster. I must be subconsciously thinking of summer. There certainly seems to be a theme to my recent favs…

Coral Heart by Erica, Name of the Flower by Ming & Lavender Ice Cream by Cathy

interview: sarah mcneil

The first time I saw one of Sarah McNeils beautiful illustrations I almost couldn’t believe the sweetness of it. Each one seems so thoughtful and effortless at the same time. I could look at them for hours!

I especially love the custom pet portraits she creates and I’m pretty sure I need one someday soon! (I would also totally have breakfast at her future restaurant/gallery!)

Sarah, thank you so much for making time for this interview!

Sarah McNeil

Q. Hello Sarah! Could you tell us a little about yourself?
Hmmm… yes, I am 24, I live in New Zealand (where I have been living for a year), I work from home as an artist and illustrator. I really really like Mexican food and breakfast food and one day hope to open a breakfast restaurant/gallery.

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fall inspirations

A few days ago Elsie wrote about how she loves seeing how much fall inspires so many people. I was probably nodding in agreement the whole time I was reading her post. I’ve been on a bookmarking, planning, painting, sketching kick lately and I think it’s mostly because of all the lovely bloggers who are making beautiful things and taking such gorgeous photos!

So today I made a big ol’ post with a whole bunch of the pretty things that are inspiring me these days. I hope it will be a little creative nudge for you too!

Cozy places and warm colors: plums, rich browns, and little bits of orange and red.

inspiration 1

(credit) (credit) (credit)

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pretty things

Monday night I conquered the last of my chores that had been staring at me from a to do list for about a week. To celebrate I made peanut butter and chocolate chip scones! They’re always welcome in Joel’s office so I doubled the recipe so I’d have a batch for both of our offices and a few to snack on at home. I’m so glad I did!

coffee and a scone

coffee and a scone

If you’d like you can get the recipe over there.

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happy friday!

Oh my goodness, today has been one silly day of work! My positivity and patience were getting a little worn out so I went digging for some pretty things and I found lots!

I thought you could use a bit of pretty to get you through that last and slowest part of the work day or maybe you could just use a little more sweetness in your free time!

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interview: humunuku

I found Humunuku’s Etsy shop quite by accident and I am so glad I did! Alana and Francisco are a great team of artists and it seems like there’s little they don’t do! They recently opened an amazing shop in New York -I really want to visit someday!- and I know you’ll love them!

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pretty things

Happy Monday! Our chilly, rainy spring seems to be ending and feels like crazy humid, warm summer is here! Here are some super pretty summer things that I’m loving today, starting with this pretty butterfly mask…

I love going to the movies on a warm summer evening, popcorn, air condition and a little escapism, so fun!

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pretty things

for book lovers

We have a lot of books, boxes and boxes of them and for some reason we’ve never had enough bookcases, until now!  We picked up a few lovely Billy bookcases from Ikea yesterday and I’ve spent most of the afternoon getting all the books organized on the shelves. And I had to share some gorgeous bookcase inspiration photos…

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happy thursday

Things are getting super busy around here as we tie up all the lose ends for our move. It’s crazy but exciting all at the same time! I’m planning some fun posts for next week so make sure you check back! Happy Thursday!

if only moving were this glamourous!

Congratulations to Amanda, the winner of the Tuesday Afternoon Tea giveaway!