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lessons in clothes and shopping

Every summer, right on schedule, I have  a crisis of clothing. I love layers and for many years I tried the ol’ cami under a cardigan with jeans until I just couldn’t take it any longer, usually sometime around late August. I did that until last summer and our move to Austin. Last summer, I realized that I just did not know how to dress for our really quite wonderful climate and ended up (unhappily) with a uniform that wasn’t comfortable or chic.

“What do you mean I can’t wear long-sleeved, silk blouses and black jeans in hundred degree weather ?!”

Since then, I’ve worked at a delightful boutique with smart, stylish ladies and learned a few lessons that have changed my approach to dressing and shopping. This summer I feel more confident about what I am wearing and buying. Here’s what I’ve learned:

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handmade fashion

How fabulous would it be to have a pair of jeans made especially for you!  As someone, ahem, vertically challenged I think it would be wonderful!  That is just what BrooklynTailors does:

Skinny Jeans by BrooklynTailors

Skinny Jeans by BrooklynTailors