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rainy day

Friends, this morning it rained in Austin. I can’t remember the last time it did that.

I always thought of myself as a fan of rainy, dreary days, and I am, but Austin has taught me to love the heat and the sun, too. Austin is also lovely in the rain especially if you get to spend a few minutes at your favorite coffee shop.

rainy day

A little rain, a little coffee, a little portrait taking, a very nice afternoon break.

new week, new flowers, pt. 3

Yesterday, I was standing in the local flower section of my grocery store surrounded by amazing orchids, bundles of wildflowers, and other lovelies. I was very tempted by the peonies and then I spotted a big display of single stem roses. They reminded me of ballet recital time, which was usually in May when I was growing up, and how much my sister and I prized the single roses that mom and dad always gave us.

I bought this lovely peach rose with all of that in mind. I think peach is my second favorite color for roses.


A cup of happiness

It’s supposed to get stormy here in Austin tonight. Part of the same bunch of no-good storms that just went through Oklahoma. Oklahoma, you all are close to my mind and prayers today. I wish I could send you each a warm cup of coffee and a hug. You’ve probably seen this, but this video of a lady finding her dog unhurt in the rubble of her one-time home brought tears to my eyes.

portland: hotel deluxe and case study coffee

The first half of our trip revolved around the Hotel deLuxe, where we stayed, and Case Study Coffee a short walk away, where we worked. The hotel is from the 1920s and has been updated with an old Hollywood glamour. Our room looked like something out of a wonderful old movie and the rest of the building was gorgeously gilt and art deco.

Hotel deLuxe

Hotel deLuxe

Hotel deLuxe

I took a lot of photos of the lobby because it is just so pretty.

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post travel thoughts

It can be so incredibly tricky to get back into a regular routine after a holiday. We’re slowly getting there. The piles of laundry are getting fewer and smaller. And tonight we will grocery shop.

Still, when the sillier kind of work emails start coming in, I can’t help but wish for a quiet morning in a park with a delicious coffee in hand.

I’m not the biggest fan of moving photos so please excuse this one if you hate them too. I just thought it was so pretty. I found it here, but if you have a better source feel free to leave a link for me in the comments. I’m all about giving credit where it is do.

a coffee break

Sometimes, when you should be tidying your home, it is easier to bake mini peach pies and drink French pressed coffee instead. And when there’s a wonderful thunderstorm brewing outside and the wash is humming away, it really is the only thing to do!

French Press

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espresso & yarn

Yesterday afternoon we met up with friends, Kirstin and Tyler, for coffee, conversation and (for me) knitting. We went to The Grind and I had a delightful hazelnut breve latte. Mmm, it was so creamy and good! We sat out in the California sunshine and chatted and stitched.

The Grind

Joel's espresso

The Grind

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coffee break

I’ve recently rediscovered the timer on our camera and I’ve been playing with the idea of giving myself a self-portrait assignment every week. I spent a grueling three months painting self-portraits for a painting class in college and I hated it. Mostly because I felt like I was rubbish at it, but I think it might be healthy to revisit that assignment. Hmm, I’ll think about it.

coffee times

self-portrait, mmm coffee!

We have coffee every afternoon after work. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day.

coffee times

Joel, my favorite face

What’s your favorite time of the day?

wednesday loves: random things edition

Wow!  How is it Wednesday already? This week is going by fast! I have a random, but pretty little mix of lovelies to share today, starting with my dining room…

The dining room is kind of a hot mess right now, but there are lots of pretty things in it:

dining room

a bit of dinner, sunny ranunculus, tiny chamomile plants & paint things

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for the love of coffee

I had no idea that today was National Coffee Day until I saw Nicole’s pretty post, but I like it! I was thinking about all the good memories I have from high school and college. A lot of them involve afternoons spent in book/coffee shops with good conversation, evenings in the cozy campus coffee shop playing board games with random people or making new friends. I might have done a little homework too, but for some reason my memory hasn’t held onto too many of the late night paper writing sessions.

stumptown coffee

take away coffee from Stumptown, Portland

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pretty coffee

I’m not sure if I should call it a tradition or a joke, but this time of year we constantly receive Starbucks Christmas tree ornaments.  It’s gotten to the point that I think we could decorate our tree using only Starbucks related baubles if we wanted too.  So in the spirit of a little Christmas cheer (in a cup) here are some pretty coffee cups:

christmas coffee

Christmas coffee

(photo credit) (photo credit)

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