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staying warm

I hope you’re staying warm. It’s actually cold here in Texas. Pass the hot chocolate and blankets, please!

Cors has been stealing covered when he gets back from his morning walk with Joel.

sleepy cors 1

sleepy cors 2

this pup


Cors is the best pup! He cracks me up every day with his great love for toast.

handsome pup


our bright boy

The pup has been extra adorable lately. He’s always so bright-eyed and cheerful, but recently we’ve had a flurry of early mornings and he always gets up and keeps us company.

He has also developed a hilarious passion for toast with butter and jam. If there is toast he is there with eyes locked on your plate. A few days ago, I set down my toast and went to pour my coffee. A few seconds later I heard the “click click” of Cors’ paws coming towards me. I looked down and there was Cors, my toast in his mouth, he set it down at my feet. Like an offering. What a goose!


happy weekend!

My semester is officially over and I’m kicking off the weekend with a silly photo of Cors from last weekend. He’s such a good sport and doesn’t mind holding still for a few seconds when we pose him in a goofy way. A very useful talent in a dog.

Also, Renegade Craft Fair is in town this Saturday and Sunday and you can bet I’ll be there. I’m sure I’ll have loads of photos to post!


Happy weekend from sunshiny Austin!

warm and fuzzy

It’s been a busy season of school work and work with a helping of housework on the side. I can’t believe that the semester is halfway over!

Even on the busy days there’s a certain pup around here that always makes me smile. Cors has taken a liking to the new wool blanket on the bed, cooler weather for playing outside, and peanut butter puppy cookies from a local doggie bakery. Seriously, Austin, you’re a pretty cool place.


I have some fun posts lined up for the rest of the week. Can’t wait to show you some of the things I’ve been working on!

holga + pup

A few summers ago, we ordered our first Holga and we were so excited when it came! It came at lunchtime and we went right outside and tried it out. I came across the prints last night and they made me feel so happy and summer sunshiny!

I don’t think I’ve posted any of them here before, so here is my favorite!


My boys on our old street. Summer can be a nostalgic time, don’t you think?

flickr favorites: sleepy pets edition

Sometimes I think that Cors thinks our guest room is really his room. Every morning, as soon as I let him out of his kennel, he grabs a tennis ball or rawhide bone and runs up the stairs and jumps onto the bed in there. He rolls around and plays with his toy. Sometimes in the evenings he sneaks up there for a dark place to nap.

sneaky cors

sneaky Cors

He was looking particularly cute and sleepy a few days ago but of course as soon as I got the camera he got all crazy-eyed!

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music monday: thinking about summer

It’s been so gorgeous and sunny here and I’m starting to look forward to summertime adventures like: exploring new places, road trips and starting new projects. This summer I want to make a dress from scratch, eat veggies from the garden, read novels in the sun, and finish up at least two paintings.

And this summer Cors wants to go for lots of walks!

let's go walking!

let's go!

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a corgi fix

It’s staying lighter longer these days and that means Cors is ready to play when we get home. Last night he only had eyes for his favorite ball and didn’t have much interest in posing for me.

I promise he isn’t sad here. He just wants the girl with the camera to stop cooing at him and start throwing the ball!

just sleepy, not sad

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