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in four photos

I think there is enough inspiration in the four photos below to conjure up an epic, romantic tale about a baker of marvelous cakes somewhere in a garden filled version of a European town (France? Germany? Italy?), ideally a town with lots vine covered ruins and mysteries.

If you write it let me know. It’d love to read it on my summer holiday.

in four photos

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music monday: three albums for daydreaming

August is here and it’s hard to believe that hot, muggy days are going to be turning into crisp, fallen leaf swirly ones very soon. There are still lots of things that I want to do this summer so I made a pot of coffee, pulled out a notebook and jotted down a few goals. Not too many, just enough to fit into open Saturdays and evenings. I do like making plans!

August 1

Incase the thought of changing seasons has you feeling daydreamy, here are my three top picks for daydreaming music:

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pretty things: wanderlust

I’ve been feeling the itch for travel lately. I think it’s because of the shorter days and because it’s so dark before I get home. This time next month I’ll be traveling all over the Mid West and Mid Atlantic states, but for now I’m taking a little daydream trip from my backyard to beautiful places and pale sunshine and fresh air.


A clump of stubborn star-shaped flowers that don’t seem to mind the frosty mornings. They make me smile every time I see them.

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