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Chipper Things

The excellent illustrator, short gal, and my fellow Austin-dweller, Becky Simpson, has just launched an adorable online store called Chipper Things!

Chipper things has lots of personality and stationary goods. Two things I love! It all came about from her year-long residency with Adobe, which is very cool! In her own words, “My hope is that Chipper Things becomes known for its clever, colorful and playful art and sentiments. I have big dreams for it and I hope the momentum from the launch is only the beginning.” 

I picked out things that share a very monochromatic vibe, because that’s what I do. You can find lots more chuckles and colors over at Chipper Things.

The Making of Gone with the Wind

Last Saturday, my friend Tiffany and I managed to visit the Harry Ransom Center on The University of Texas campus for an exhibit, The Making of Gone with the Wind.

We were there on the second to last day of the exhibit. I am so glad we manage to see it before it closed. On display were a lot of documents and photos that told the story of the many years it took to get things organized before filming could begin. The most inspiring pieces to me were the set design concept paintings and of course the original gowns.

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hustle is hope

Another thing that’s been keeping us busy is a little project called Hustle is Hope.

Joel has been writing and speaking about the topic of working hard and being a healthy, happy worker for a a few years now. Out of that has come a collaboration with local designer, Keith Davis Young, and a small line of Reminders. These are Reminders that working hard at something you love or for specific goals are great things.

I really love the patches. They glow in the dark!

Hustle is Hope

You can check out the Reminders for yourself or read more about the project at

And in case you’re thinking about gifts for the hard workers in your life: Get 15% your Shirt + Print order when you use the hustlebundle coupon code.

Free shipping on every order including international orders.

school work

This semester I took a class called something like “Digital Tools for Fashion Design”. I learned so much about Photoshop and Illustrator and I especially loved working in Illustrator. Now my flats (technical drawings) look so much better than anything I did before by hand.

For my final project I had to choose an old project and re-do it using the tools I had learned. I’m not going to post the whole thing because it’s massive, but here’s a little look at it:
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wednesday loves: pretty things

I think I’m getting just a bit tired of the ol’ “Pretty Things” weekly post so today I’m starting something new. I still kind of like the idea of having one post a week for a little show and tell time, so starting today we’ll have “Wednesday Loves”, instead! I’ll still be sharing things that are currently inspiring me but with less pressure to list a whole bunch of pretties. I think it’s going to be fun!

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williamsburg in flowers

I’ve always dreamed about going to Williamsburg at Christmastime and how magical it would be. I was not disappointed! At night all of the fir trees in the modern sections of town and around our guest house were draped in white lights and the huge fluffy snowflakes that filled the skies nestled on their branches.

During the day wood smoke and the scent of fresh greenery was everywhere. Not very surprising because evergreen branches and holly where everywhere you turned.

Williamsburg at Christmastime

It took me a few minutes to realize that the bird sitting in this wreath was real and was making a little snack of the apples!

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busy times

It’s been busy over here! And it’s going to be getting more and more crazy for the next few weeks. It’s just that time of year!

I was feeling a little extra stressed today, so when Erin posted about the beautiful blog Nordic Design (totally a new favorite!) I was thrilled to come across this idyllic cabin. The photos are so calm and gentle and they make me happy. I want to live some place like this someday!


I would be happy to just spend a week some place like this, napping by the fire, staying up to read, sleep in late and finally getting to try my new golden nail polish! Mmm, yes that sounds perfect!

a winner and wishes

Congratulations to Joanna, the winner of the Corrieberry Pie giveaway!

Wishes: I’m a very happy person. I try not to be annoying about it, but sometimes I am. Anyway, I thought about not writing the second half of this post because it felt too whiny to me. Oh well, here it goes… it feels so wonderful not to be living in a construction zone anymore, but lately I’ve been getting that itch. If you have ever redesign, renovated, or bought a “oh heavens, what on earth were we thinking!” kind of house you’ll know what I’m talking about. That urge pull out the paint and heavy machinery and remake your space. Lately I’ve been trying to fend off that urge with pretty photos. I tell myself that this will be helpful next time we renovate, but mostly…

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beautiful interiors

Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör is this wonderful Swedish shop/cafe/relator (I know, I don’t get it either).  Their properties and photos are so gorgeous!

blogged by decor8

blogged by decor8

I love this window and that wonderful row of herbs on the counter!

beautiful views, inside and out

beautiful views, inside and out

White is usually my least favorite wall color, but I rather like it in these rooms.