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three things: from stationery boutique

I’m always on the lookout for cute new stationary shops on Etsy. My latest favorite is Stationary Boutique. These stamps and stationary would make some nice looking thank you notes, don’t you think?

three things

One, Two & Three

etsy finds: rustic

weekly loves: recent etsy favorites

I’ve been on a little bit of an Etsy spree lately. Hearting and pinning all the things. Spontaneously ordering odds and ends that I’ve had my eye on since Christmas shopping days.

So today I made a collection of some of my current favorites. I think they would all make for a cozy winter evening:

Winter Evening

To get to each of these lovelies, please click right here. Enjoy!

autumnal etsy finds

music and books

There is just something about Fall that makes me wish for a new book, something I haven’t read yet. Maybe it’s the back to school, “bouquets of sharpened pencil” feeling that permeates the end of summer and beginning of autumn. That’s probably why early last week, I found myself standing (on tip toes) checking out the hard to reach tomes on the top shelves of our bookcases.

My fingers found Ayn Rand’s Anthem. It’s a short novella, only 100 pages long, about a world in some distant future completely controlled by the state with no word for “I” or concept of the individual and no room for differentness or unique thoughts.

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recent etsy favorites

I have to laugh every time I look back over my Etsy favorites. It always seems like I go through color phases. There will be a cluster of greens followed by blue, or something like that. Right now my most recent favorites are all white with little hints of blue. I kind of love how they look together so I thought I’d share them with you!

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etsy favorites

chilly weather loves

For me, one of the very best things about fall has to be reuniting with all of my chilly weather clothes, cute jackets and cozy mittens. I noticed that so many of my recent Etsy favorites are reflecting pretty autumn fashions, so I thought I’d share:

perfect accessories

lovely accessories

I just love these Mini Paws and Glamourous Headband!

the perfect boots and bag

the perfect skirt and bag

super cute Georgette Skirt and Beautiful Bag

pretty things