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back to school: Ladies & Gents

My fall semester starts today and I thought what better to kick things off than with a collection of school fashion and accessories. Time to hit the books!

back to school ladies

Sources: One, Two, Three, Four & Five

back to school for the gents

Sources: One,  Two,  Three,  Four  &  Five

fall uniform: for the ladies

As promised, here is a little fall inspiration for the ladies. It’s a little heavy on the knits….probably not a surprise! I’ve been wanting to knit up a few pairs of socks before The weather gets seriously chilly. Thankfully in Austin chilly weather comes later than anywhere else I’ve lived. Can’t wait to share all the new projects that are currently on my knitting needles!

In the meanwhile…

fall uniform - ladies

1) Outdoors Inspiration 2) Turquoise Ring & Arrow Ring 3) Knee Patch Tights
4) Boston Ivy Eau De Cologne & Tan Boots 5) Bookish Inspiration 6) Blanket Scarf  
7) Stripes & Lace Tee 8) Lace Necklace  9) Easy Outfit Inspiration  10)  Cables
11) Cozy Socks

fall uniform: for the fellas

Being in Austin has made me realize how much I rely on the weather to tell me what time of year it is. I’ve never lived somewhere as warm as this place is and stays. (The high was in the 90°s yesterday) The warm weather makes me feel like I’m always on vacation.

When I wrote out the date and realized it was October I could not believe it! And then I thought, “Why am I wearing a sundress?” So today I’m going to pretend that it’s a crisp, even chilly October night and pull together a little autumn outfit inspiration. First up, the fellows! And by fellows I mean a more masculine look. These days I’m all about stealing traditionally menswear items for myself. Feel free to steal ladies!

fall uniform - fellows

1) Layer Inspiration  2) Initial Ring & Small Gryphon Talisman  3) Wool Duffle Coat  4) Great Plains Soap  5) Leather Computer Case  6) Shoulder Patch Jumper
7) Forage Bow Tie & Ben Sherman Desert Boots  8) Indiana Adventure Duffel
9) Outdoor Outfit Inspiration

Tonight, I’ll have a post full of feminine layers. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off rustle up a hot latte and pretend it’s fall!

outfit no. 14

It’s pretty well documented on this blog that I am solidly pro-coffee. I’m a coffee all day everyday girl and I almost never drink tea. Except for when I’m sick, but even then I mostly feel miserable and miss my morning coffee. And yet, ever since I read this post by Anabela, I’ve thought that just maybe it was time to give tea a second chance.

And so, today’s outfit is inspired by an October teatime!

Autumn tea tray

photo by Kelli

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