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cozy etsy finds

Fall is very slowly making its way down here to Austin. If I hadn’t lived elsewhere in the country I would almost call it chilly here. I’ve become such a wimp when it comes to colder weather. I never thought that could happen after two years of Chicago blizzards, but it has.

I’ve started reaching for comfy, long sleeved tees and spending more time in the kitchen with the smells of apples and cinnamon. These three items would be welcome additions:

etsy picks for october

Sources: One, Two & Three

looking forward to fall

I’m not sure when (or if) the weather cools down here in Austin. In the shop I get asked a lot if Austin-dwellers actually wear the kinds of sweaters we sell. I’m too new to know for sure, but I do know that a few days ago it was downright chilly enough for me to order my afternoon latte hot. I drank it outside and everything.

I later checked the weather and found out that the high had only been in the 8os. Maybe chilly days are just different here. Still, I’m looking forward (as always) to the fall:

looking forward to fall

Top: The Peregrine, Alpaca Blanket, Red Beret

Bottom: Redhead Street Style, Traveler’s Room, Cozy Bed

because fall is coming

I’m running a little bit behind on my new Baby Moccasin unveiling, because I got a little distracted by today’s amazing weather and all the signs of fall that are showing up in the garden. Everywhere you look, new bits of color are popping up. The crab apple trees are covered in cheerful red berries and elsewhere leaves are turning orange.

berries & branches

the first bit of fall

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afternoon thoughts

It’s so perfectly chilly today and the wind is whipping leaves all over the place. It feels so nice to be inside with a cup of hot coffee and a bit of chocolate. Today is going pretty well and tonight I will be baking apple pies!

I’m getting excited for Halloween this year! I keep thinking of pumpkins and black cats and caramel apples. (Joel got me the most delicious caramel apple dipped in nuts a few days ago, yum!) Are you dressing up this year?

photo by Reed Reeder

Congratulations to Marina for winning the Thief & Bandit giveaway and for her adorable new son!

october etsy favorites

My goodness, I am so sleepy today! I had to be up super early and at work quite early for a staff meeting, yawn. I’m looking forward to a calm night of knitting and sketching out some new things. Oh, and maybe getting a photography project wrapped up!

For right now, I’m getting through the afternoon with a delicious cup of hot chocolate and some of my latest Etsy favorites:

october etsy favorites

Three Little Indian Ornaments by mudpuppy, La Foret 2 print by aliette

Vintage Arrow Set by opendoorstudio & Bat Garland by house of clouds

*Front page photo by Hillary Bird on Etsy

music monday

weekend cleaning

I’ve been doing a thorough fall cleaning (I skipped the spring cleaning this year) all day. Exciting things like washing walls, cleaning curtains and shampooing carpets, I’ve done it all! It feels wonderful to have the house extra-special clean! And after the little run in I had with some hornets (how the little devils got through a window with two panes of glass I will never know!) I’m feeling quite on top of things.

I’ve also been working on making the old place a little more fallish. Mums and pumpkin by the front door? check!


on my doorstep

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spooky reading

Today was hot, ridiculously hot for October! Cors collapsed in a panting heap as soon as we got home from our walk. I had to run some errands and I ended up coming home with lovely, dark purple mums and the most perfect little pumpkin. They’re nice little reminders that it is fall.

I feel like hiding out from the day’s heat somewhere cool with a mug of hot cider, a piece of pie and a spooky book like Wuthering Heights or The Picture of Dorian Gray.

How perfect are these editions?

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pretty things

It’s someone’s birthday today and tonight we’ll be celebrating with friends over hot cider and cherry pie and possibly a little rock band action. So I’m just popping in share two very pretty things!

I’m not sure if today is the first day of fall or not (I’ve heard conflicting reports), but that glorious jacket and bright leaves weather is almost here and I found the cutest garlands to welcome it!


Elsie’ Garland & Studio Choo’s Garland

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music and books

There is just something about Fall that makes me wish for a new book, something I haven’t read yet. Maybe it’s the back to school, “bouquets of sharpened pencil” feeling that permeates the end of summer and beginning of autumn. That’s probably why early last week, I found myself standing (on tip toes) checking out the hard to reach tomes on the top shelves of our bookcases.

My fingers found Ayn Rand’s Anthem. It’s a short novella, only 100 pages long, about a world in some distant future completely controlled by the state with no word for “I” or concept of the individual and no room for differentness or unique thoughts.

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