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portland: easter at the coast

It’s funny to think that just about this time last week we were picnicking on giant on rocks, looking out at the Oregon coast, and watching the seagulls, but we were. After church on Easter Sunday we loaded up in Joel’s sister’s car with goodies and siblings and a dog in tow and head west to the Oregon coast. It was a brilliant day!

Joel at the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast

There was much to explore and see. I hadn’t been to the ocean in years and year and it was rather wonderful an unreal to be so close to the Pacific, once again.
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blue & gold

The main reason for our trip to California has been to celebrate Joel’s little sister’s high school graduation. Grace is a lovely girl and she was valedictorian. (Yay, Grace!!)

We don’t get out to California often, so it’s been an extra special treat to get to be here with her on a big day! I love seeing how happy Joel and his sisters are to be together!

brother, sister pose

Jena & Joel

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this weekend

Hello! Sorry it’s been so quiet around here! We had a long weekend of traveling and when I say long I’m talking ten hour drives both ways, but it was so worth it!  We went to West Virginia and got to see family and be at my good friend Anna’s wedding. It was a lovely time!

I tried to take lots of “real” photos and instagrams to document the trip. Our crazy GPS took us all the way to Louisville which added round 30 minutes or so to the drive, but it was a beautiful day and we didn’t mind seeing our old stomping grounds.

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graduation weekend

My graduation weekend was so lovely!  Mom and dad came out and, with Courtney here, we had a fun houseful.  Saturday was Ivy Cutting, a special little ceremony that my school does, and Sunday was commencement.  Sunday night we went out to St. Louis for dinner and dessert.  And it was just a merry time!

Now my parents and sister are on their way home, the house is quiet.  The wash is washing itself and summer has started.  How was your weekend?

happy friday

There’s a new cozy in my shop. I really love this one!

Cable Knit Cozy - Moss Green

Cable Knit Coffee Cup Cozy – Moss Green

My earrings came today and I love them!  Laralewis has so many beautiful things in her shop!  I am so glad today is Friday!  I’m looking forward to a nice quiet weekend with my boys.  What are your plans?

west virginia weekend

Joel and I just got to my parents’ house in West Virginia.  I promise that eight hour drive from Illinois seems longer every time we make it.  (During the ride I made a bunch more cozies for the store.)  We left Cors with our puppy sitter.  (Thanks Audra!!!)  We miss him, but I know he is having fun.  Speaking of our puppy/baby, he is officially not a puppy any more.  We switched him from puppy chow to “big boy” food, which he seems to like it more.  He is such a great dog!

Cors the puppy

Cors the puppy

Cors all grown up

Cors all grown up

We’ll be here through Sunday. Tomorrow we’re celbrating my dad’s 50th birthday with the family.  Fun!

my boys

new year, new desk

We made it back to Illinois.  It was such a wonderful Christmas that it was a little sad to leave.  But nothing quite compares to sleeping in your own bed and drinking coffee from your own mugs.  Mom and dad got me a beautiful new desk and desk chair for Christmas, and  Joel built the desk for me as soon as we got home.  Seriously, I was throwing clothes into the washer and he was building a desk, after an eight hour drive, we are those kinds of people and I love it.

The coolest thing about the chair mom and dad got me, is that it came unstained, so I picked out a black stain and in between applying coats, I have been organizing the office and setting up my desk area and sorting through all of my art and craft supplies.  My easel is set up and ready for painting, my sewing machine has a new spot, and all of my yarn, fabric, beads, etc are re-organized.  Looking through everything is so inspiring!  I have been working on things for the etsy store that I will be opening shortly.  I am very excited to get that going and I’ll be posting more info and details soon I’m sure.

Cors had a fabulous and exhausting time in West Virginia playing with my parents’ dog.  He slept nearly all of yesterday and it looks like he’s planning on repeating that today.  I gave the poor guy a bath today (he really needed one) and now he is curled up on the futon, fast asleep and a little damp.

Michigan, you are in my polaroids

Our last night in Michigan:  hanging out with little kids, eating cookies, taking Polaroids, hearing stories, and seeing family.

cincinnati weekend

Saturday we drove up to Cincinnati for my aunt’s 50th birthday.  We got to see most of my mom’s side of the family and then spent the night at my other grandma’s house (in Kentucky).  We got up this morning and it was gorgeous outside.  We had breakfast and walked down to the pond that is near her house.

Photo by Joel.  More photos from the trip here.

We stopped at Ikea on our way home.  Then drove through the most insane wind storm.  A cnstruction area became an osticle course.  It was a crazy fast weekend, but it was wonderful to see so many great people.