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WWI “Tommy” Inspired Collection

I can’t believe how fast this semester is going!

Today, I thought I’d finally post this project I wrapped up a few weeks ago. The inspiration began with an exploration of British WWI “Tommy” uniforms. Then I moved on to looking at civilian wear and volunteer uniforms. The interesting elements that came from this further design research where the armband and tie-look-a-like placket details.

I feel like my methods and style have (almost magically) solidified this semester. I’m better able to think through garment design and incorporate my inspiration. I’m not sure why, but things are just “clicking”.
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The Making of Gone with the Wind

Last Saturday, my friend Tiffany and I managed to visit the Harry Ransom Center on The University of Texas campus for an exhibit, The Making of Gone with the Wind.

We were there on the second to last day of the exhibit. I am so glad we manage to see it before it closed. On display were a lot of documents and photos that told the story of the many years it took to get things organized before filming could begin. The most inspiring pieces to me were the set design concept paintings and of course the original gowns.

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My final project of the semester was inspired by the heritage of the National Parks: park ranger uniforms from the 1930s and 1940s as well as vintage workman’s clothes in this book and images of national parks from back issues of LIFE Magazine.

This was a Spring/Summer collection so I limited myself to no more than three pieces per look, which meant I had to be more strict in my editing. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with one of my collections, but I also see lots to improve and try in the future.

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It’s been a busy few weeks. I turned in three major projects all due on the same day.

One of them was for my design class. It was a collection of 12 looks for a fall/winter collection. The inspiration for it came from black and white photos and surrealist mountain landscapes. I wanted to dress a modern day adventurer. Below are my presentation pages: moodboard, fabric board, look pages, and development sketches.

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a working weekend

It’s been a busy weekend of of schoolwork: drawing, making digital flats, sewing, and pattern fixing. Busy!

In order to drape a sleeve I usually rest the dressform’s arm on my head so I have a better angle of the where the sleeve meets the body of the garment. Joel thought it was pretty funny and took a few photos of me working. It does look pretty funny.

working weekend

school work

This semester I took a class called something like “Digital Tools for Fashion Design”. I learned so much about Photoshop and Illustrator and I especially loved working in Illustrator. Now my flats (technical drawings) look so much better than anything I did before by hand.

For my final project I had to choose an old project and re-do it using the tools I had learned. I’m not going to post the whole thing because it’s massive, but here’s a little look at it:
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I can’t believe that I’m already a third of the way through this semester! The end of a third is always a busy time with lots to turn in. I probably say this about this time each semester but I’ll say it again, I think I’m getting better. My fashion figures aren’t as scary looking and I’ve picked up tricks for drawing fabric. I still have a ways to go but it’s nice to see some progress!


Faces or lack there of.

The photos above are in progress shots of my first design project for the year.

I made this: design project

I’m officially on spring break! Last night I turned in my second major project for my design class. In case you need refreshing, you can read a little more about what that entails in this post from earlier in the semester.

I keep seeing improvement with each assignment. I had a painting prof in undergrad who was famous for saying, “Hmm, this is good. Go make ten more.” That idea has stuck with me and at the end of each major project I think, “This is better. Time to make more!”  Practice isn’t popular but it is so important.


I worked with drawing ink this time and I love the stuff! I need to play with it more, but it’s wonderful. I prefer painting to drawing and drawing inks have a sort of water color quality to them. I wish it came through a little more in the scans.

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right now: my favorite designer

My favorite fashion designer right now is Mary Katrantzou. Her designs have wonderful sculptural elements like layers of fabric that mimic graceful butterfly wings or the bold proportions of Russian nesting dolls. A lot of her work reminds me of sculpture. And then there’s her amazing use of pattern. I could go on and on.

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