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inspiration: layers

Growing up in West Virginia, late August and early September was alway a funny time of year when it came to dressing. I remember waiting for the bus early in the morning, bundled in layers that I would have to shed before recess because the afternoons were still warm. It’s still a time of year when I like the idea of mixing up late summer and wintery things. In fashion terms, this pretty much sums up the Pre-Fall season.

I came across the middle image below, a garment by my favorite women’s wear designer Mary Kantrazou, and built some fall/winter wardrobe inspiration around it:

inspiration layers

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lessons in clothes and shopping

Every summer, right on schedule, I have  a crisis of clothing. I love layers and for many years I tried the ol’ cami under a cardigan with jeans until I just couldn’t take it any longer, usually sometime around late August. I did that until last summer and our move to Austin. Last summer, I realized that I just did not know how to dress for our really quite wonderful climate and ended up (unhappily) with a uniform that wasn’t comfortable or chic.

“What do you mean I can’t wear long-sleeved, silk blouses and black jeans in hundred degree weather ?!”

Since then, I’ve worked at a delightful boutique with smart, stylish ladies and learned a few lessons that have changed my approach to dressing and shopping. This summer I feel more confident about what I am wearing and buying. Here’s what I’ve learned:

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new week, new flowers, pt. 4

It’s a little late in the week for this post, but I think that’s how weeks after long weekends usually end up, behind schedule. I always feel like time is running away from me after a Monday off.

These darling white carnations were a gift from my friend Tiffany. She shared ice cream, flowers, and a movie with us last night, which all made for a pretty perfect post-long weekend evening.



We watched My Week With Marilyn, which is one of those movies that I meant to see and then managed to miss when it was in theaters. It’s a gorgeous film and made me want to learn more about Marilyn. I would also have liked to steal some of her dresses and shoes!

My-Week-with-Marilyn 1

The outfit above is my favorite from the movie. Do you have any period piece movies to recommend? I’m always on the look out for another.

school work

This semester I took a class called something like “Digital Tools for Fashion Design”. I learned so much about Photoshop and Illustrator and I especially loved working in Illustrator. Now my flats (technical drawings) look so much better than anything I did before by hand.

For my final project I had to choose an old project and re-do it using the tools I had learned. I’m not going to post the whole thing because it’s massive, but here’s a little look at it:
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weekly loves: a bit of this and that

I’ve mentioned Nan Larson before, but I still love her illustrations and wanted to post about them again. I decided that I like her work so much I just need to start collecting it already so these two lovelies are on their way to my ever-lovin’ walls!

Nan Larson

Amelie & Joanie

I love her pop culture characters and next I think I need a trio of Doctor Who characters.

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I made this: design project

In my design classes we generally have to create two or three collections throughout the course of a semester. We start by gathering tons of inspiration images.Then we make croquis (fashion figures, the models for the clothes). Next we draw a ton of roughs. Roughs are quick sketches of garments. Then we edit the looks (a lot) and render the completed looks. Hopefully you’re still with me and didn’t get lost in that gibberish. The first collection of the semester was due this week and this is what I made.


moodboard copy

I like setting up my moodboard so that it goes inspiration on the left to fabric swatches on the right.

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Friends, I need a new purse. Mine is literally falling apart. I mean it fell to pieces in the middle of the store last night. There’s this thing that connects the shoulder strap to the body of the purse and it keeps failing with disastrous results.

But I’m picky. I want the purse on the left. It’s reversible and not too big for my short self, but it’s also sold out. I still can’t help thinking about it and comparing every other purse too it. Sigh, a girl can dream, right?

Left: Libro Clutch & Reversible Handbag            Right: Anthro Purse & Viaje Pouch

The hardest thing about purse shopping for me is that most of the bags I like are really totes pretending to be purses. I’m pretty short and lugging around a big old piece of luggage that I’m pretending is a purse isn’t very flattering and gets me suspicious looks in shops. What do you look for in a new purse?


I tried a new brand of nail polish this weekend. The brand is called Butter London and they make dozens of beautiful shades all without harmful chemicals.

There are so many pretty shades it can be hard to choose. I finally decided on golden West End Wonderland and the special edition, The Black Knight.

new nail polishes

They’re both pretty, sparkly, and perfect for holiday parties or for making ordinary days a bit more fun.

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wednesday loves

This time of year I always feel like I’m supposed to be driving through the southwest. Lingering memories of driving from West Virginia to California, I suppose. Maybe this week’s loves are reflecting my thoughts on the beautiful desert contrasts of dark and bright. I like to think so anyway.

First up, I love having a fresh supply of the best coffee and I love my new yellow and gray shirt!

coffee beans

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wednesday loves: random things edition

Wow!  How is it Wednesday already? This week is going by fast! I have a random, but pretty little mix of lovelies to share today, starting with my dining room…

The dining room is kind of a hot mess right now, but there are lots of pretty things in it:

dining room

a bit of dinner, sunny ranunculus, tiny chamomile plants & paint things

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