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interview: elehandmade

Today’s handmade interview is with the wonderfully talented accessory maker, Ele from Ele Handmade. Her creations are stunning! I keep dreaming of this pair of pewter colored ballerina shoes. I think my spring kind of needs them!

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wednesday loves

This has been the week for evening projects. Monday I finished a scarf for a friend of a friend, last night I re-potted my rose and tonight I’m going to paint the frame for the map I ordered for our guest room.  I’m planning a little photo tour of the room soon, too. I think it’s going to be pretty!

photo by Emma Louise

I'm still in love with maps! (photo by Emma Louise)

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pretty things

The week isn’t over, but it’s already been such an inspiring one on the web! Here are six super pretty things that I’ve found this week…

Is it possible to fall head over heels for a nail polish? The answer is yes! I haven’t tried these beauties but I really like their lovely packaging.

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pretty party things

I want to invite you all to a fancy holiday party, but since pesky things like geography tend to get in the way, it’ll be right here on the ol’ blog! So put on your favorite dress, dust off those beautiful heels you only wear once in a blue moon and get ready to be merry!

Personally I would wear something  like…

party outfit

Atop the Grand Staircase Dress, Pine Cone Lip Balm tucked into my little black purse & Fabulous Earrings by Lara Lewis. I’m also loving these Fireworks at Midnight Heels from Modcloth!

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tuesday thoughts

I was walking across the university campus, where I work, at lunchtime today and I had a revelation. It is too cold for open-toed shoes! Most of the fall colors are drifting away on the chilly, woodsmoke-scented wind and wintertime is on its way.

last of our leaves

The last of the maples leaves. Here comes winter!

I spent the rest of my chilly walk thinking about wool leggings and warm coats!

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november sponsers

I just wanted to take a few minutes today to introduce you to the four amazing ladies who are sponsoring Wayside Violet this month. They all inspire my constantly and I think you’ll love them too!

Take a few minutes to say “hello!” to Kara, Lara, Lauren and Amanda!

Kara from I Just Might Explode



Kara is a photography student in shiny New York City and her blog is always busting with hilarity and inspiration. You can check out some of her photos here. She also has an Etsy shop!

Two favorite posts: Brass Razoo & Escaping the City

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outfit no. 15

Every morning and evening the puppy walkers in our neighborhood parade up and down the path to the park that runs behind our house. As the weather has been getting colder (we had frost this morning!) I’ve noticed warmer boots, heavier coats and thicker sweaters, not to mention a few stylish thinner-furred dogs in their winter finest. My favorites are the twin Jack Russells in their down vests and the sweet Greyhound in her navy blue walking coat that makes her look like she is warming up for the derby.

So in the spirit of all those intrepid dog walkers and their pups, I give you today’s outfit. It’s one of my favorites!

outfit no. 15

1) Sweater 2) Pup Trench Coat 3) Owl Necklace 4) Long Sleeved Tee 5) Forrestbound Bag 6) Levis Jeans 7)  Boots for Leaf Strewn Paths

outfit no. 14

It’s pretty well documented on this blog that I am solidly pro-coffee. I’m a coffee all day everyday girl and I almost never drink tea. Except for when I’m sick, but even then I mostly feel miserable and miss my morning coffee. And yet, ever since I read this post by Anabela, I’ve thought that just maybe it was time to give tea a second chance.

And so, today’s outfit is inspired by an October teatime!

Autumn tea tray

photo by Kelli

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outfit no. 13

In keeping with yesterday’s live music and going to shows theme, today’s outfit is all about my dream concert clothes!

I was in a band in high school. We were just okay, but we spent most weekends driving all over and playing anywhere we could and had a lot of fun. It greatly impacted my clothes shopping. I went off to college looking like a folk singer, dayglow child, skateboard girl or something. It was all a lot of fun!

A little concert outfit inspiration:

outfit no. 13

left looks from Free People & right look from Levi’s

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handmade clothes

Just in time for the still too hot for comfort weather that has been hanging around Chicago these days, Elsie‘s shop, Red Velvet Art, started carrying a brand new clothing line, Lonie Mae. It looks so perfect for this left over summer heat!

Each piece is one of a kind and handmade by one crafty girl named Kendra. My favorites are the soft blues and dovey grays. All the pieces have a beautiful drape and perfect details!

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