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weekly loves: movies for valentine’s week

Should you find yourself with an evening to spend with a movie and a box of chocolates this week, don’t worry, I have you covered. This is a list of my top eight movies about love. I’ve put them into four categories which should help narrow down the perfect flick for you.

Boy Gets the Girl: You know what’s going to happen and you’ll like the ending

His Girl Friday – Cary Grant at his Cary Grant-iest and Rosalind Russell are perfectly matched in a battle of wits, one-liners, and newspaper deadlines.

Pride & Prejudice – A classic.

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Saturday night we watched a movie. That doesn’t sound all that exciting, but what I mean is that we sat on the couch with the pup and some snacks and just watched a movie. None was hunched over her sewing machine. None was typing feverishly at his thesis. It was wonderful.

We watched Submarine, a movie we had been sad to miss in the theaters. It’s the first film written and directed by Richard Ayoade. It did not disappoint.


A quick synopsis: a teenage boy named Oliver Tate does some growing up in Wales.

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movie monday: super 8

Saturday evening we were feeling accomplished after putting in a nice long day finishing up projects and getting the house back in shape after our CA trip. And so we met up with friends at the movies. Nothing like some well-earned popcorn and a night out! We saw Super 8 and I loved it! I thought I’d like but it was even better than I was expecting.

Since most of the US also went to see it this weekend you might already know that it’s about a group of kids living in a small Ohio town in the 70s. They plan to spend their summer making a movie to enter in the Cleveland International Super 8 Film Contest (or something like that). They’re plans change when they witness a train wreck….and that’s all I’ll say about the plot!

Super 8

The dialogue and cast are just brilliant. It is a J.J. Abrams film through and through, complete with lens flare, but I like that about it. Have you seen it? What did you think? Next on my to-see list is Midnight in Paris.

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music + movie monday

This Saturday I had a little downtime and noticed that No One Knows About Persian Cats is finally available on Netflix. I’ve been wanting to see it for ages so I sat down with my knitting and watched it. Every moment since I’ve been wishing I could run into someone else who has seen it.  It’s stuck in my mind and heart.

No One Knows About Persian Cats

Info from the IFC, “Co-written by imprisoned Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi, the film is an indictment of cultural repression in Iran’s exciting underground music scene, a powerful cinematic foreshadowing of current protest movements, and a celebration of an entire generation of Iranians striving towards personal and creative freedom.”

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wednesday loves: photos, films and happy mail

I have lots of lovelies to share today so let’s get right to it, starting with photos!

One of the great things about Joel’s grad school program is that it’s so bloody interesting (to me)! I steal his textbooks and tag along on homework assignments and sometimes try to make my own versions. This semester he’s taking a course on Post Photography and last night he introduced me to Louise Dahl-Wolfe.

I’m not sure how I have managed not to hear about her before now. She photographed so many of the famous faces of her time and has influenced fashion photography since forever. Columbia College Chicago has a permanent collection of her photos that I’m hoping to see this summer.

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a new favorite: downton abbey

I am a complete sucker for British period dramas. A truly perfect rainy day (for me) might look a little like: morning coffee and Bright Star, an afternoon viewing of Brideshead Revisited, knitting and five hours of Pride & Prejudice, and maybe squeezing in an episode or two of a gorgeous BBC series like Downton Abbey.

Okay, if old-fashion British drama isn’t your thing, you might want to stop reading because I’m going to rave about Downton Abbey now. I just finished the first series this weekend and my mind is still filled with the large house and storyline.

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something sweet

Happy Friday! I am so excited for this weekend! I have lots of fun projects to finish up and share and a good bit of baking and cooking and relaxing to do, too! But there are still a few hours between me and quitin’ time so to pass the time here are two sweet things that I’m loving today…

Of all the lovely floral displays I’ve seen over the past few weeks, this one just might be my favorite!

pretty flowers

via Design*Sponge

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movie monday

I’m changing things up a little today so instead of Music Monday, welcome to Movie Monday!

The older I get the more happy I am to embrace the spooky aspects of my favorite month. (October, you’re the best!) I love the pumpkins, ghostly tree branches, and blood-red candied apples. And there’s nothing like snuggling up with a hot drink and a spooky but pretty movie! Here are three of favorite spooky/suspenseful films:

Coraline is a beautiful and eerie tale about what happens when a little girl wishes her life was different, only to have her wish come true!  But getting what you wished for isn’t always the best thing. Intriguing, no?


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paris je t’aime

This morning I was typing away, composing little emails to answer little questions that were popping up in my work inbox, when my iPod decided to play the Paris Je’taime soundtrack. It’s been ages since I watched that movie!

I was instantly transported to a humid summer night with crickets chirping loudly, condensation on cold drink glasses, and chatty friends. We all quieted down to watch the movie. When it was over the talking started right back up again and everyone had a different favorite part that they wanted to relive. It was just a happy evening!

a film still from one of my favorite scenes

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a dash of color

Today I’m working on a custom order that’s going to be so cute! And I’ve been watching The Darjeeling Limited, again. I love the colors in this movie! I think it might be my favorite Wes Anderson film, plus it always reminds me of fun times hanging out in St. Louis with friends. Do movies stir memories for you too?

Just for fun I made a little collection of Darjeeling-ish things…

gorgeous photo of marigolds, beautiful swing chair, and prettiest bangles